Striving For Sanity, Not Intermediates

With the election of Donald Trump, many who supported him are asking themselves what they stand for. Are they conservatives? Moderates? Or merely against the far-left direction that the country has taken since WWII, including the disastrous policy of diversity?

Underneath all that Trump stands for, there is a simple principle: realism. He believes in assessing his ventures by their results, not the feelings generated, and expects to see those investments functioning smoothly and making people wealthier. Otherwise entirely a moderate candidate, he differs only from the bulk of politicians in this way; he opposes politics itself, and prefers results-based realism.

Most writers remain locked in the prison created by the categorical boundaries of words. They wonder if this means that Trump is in favor of the “free market” and “freedom,” or other abstractions that serve as proxies or symbols for what we ultimately want, which is a healthy nation (and, if we are sane, a restored and self-improving Western Civilization).

What they forget is that all of these things are means to an end, and that end is the goal of a healthy nation and thriving Western Civilization. Currently we do not have that because we stopped cooperating toward that purpose, and instead focused on the human individual and its “reason” as the be-all end-all of social goals. From that, we got a society which could not remain united.

Having a purpose such as health, however, does not unite a herd. They do not all understand it, which means that it must be left to wise elders or otherwise competent people. This offends the mob. And yet, it is the only stable state of humanity because most knowledge exists in specialized domains. You do not elect your pilot on a transcontinental flight, nor your neurosurgeon, or even your arborist. You choose the competent.

Conservatism — for those of us who still use the word, knowing that “mainstream conservatives” is based mostly in the first word — is that which conserves, which means keeping up those time-proven ways of life that produce the best civilization, including a transcendental view of life such that we hold it holy and revere it. Unlike Leftism, conservatism is complex and nuanced with depth and breadth (Leftism is simply “equality now!”).

This approach requires tearing objectives down to their most basic targets, as measured in terms of results and not social appearance and emotions as Leftist “successes” are. At the end of the day, it is realism through consequentialism plus a desire for excellence and beauty in all forms. We want sanity in our society, after centuries of insanity accelerating after WWII, and we cannot point to intermediaries or proxies for that.

For example, “freedom.” Freedom from what? To sane people, we think of the ability to go about our lives and do that which is not destructive. However, when we say the word freedom, we tear down that complex idea and replace it with an unbounded abstraction. We have no idea what we are fighting for, but it can fight back, because anytime anyone does anything destructive, he will claim “muh freedom.”

Free markets are the same way. These are a means to an end; basically, everything but free markets amounts to some type of socialism and always fails so spectacularly that we want to avoid it forevermore. Wealth redistribution — this is all that socialism is, in reality — converts thriving places to impoverished ones where half of the beets on the truck are rocks and all the potatoes go toward vodka.

Conservatives need to refocus on goals and not methods. Using methods, or “means-over-ends,” in place of goals is a Leftist trope because it enables them to replace functional things with social conceits. Applying ourselves toward purpose and goals allows us to achieve the fulfillment of conservatism, which is preserving the way of life that works out best.

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9 Responses to “Striving For Sanity, Not Intermediates”

  1. Dualist says:

    Comparing the response of Trump to those of other ‘world leaders’ –

    Hollande – ‘Our thoughts and condolences are with the families, the German people…..’

    Bozza – ‘Our thoughts and condolences are with the families, the German people…..’ (or variant thereof)

    Random German politician – ‘Our thoughts and condolences are with the families, the German people…..’

    Trump – ‘Yesterday saw terror attacks in Switzerland, Istanbul and now Berlin. The civilised world needs to CHANGE ITS THINKING’.

    Bit of a difference, isn’t there? The standard flat-pack response says nothing but sounds nice, while Trump suggests what we need to start DOING, at the fundamental level.

    • That is inspiring. His most powerful angle is that he likes results-driven ideas instead of emotional/ideological ones.

    • Svmmoned says:

      Same thing when Castro died. All those EU leaders – they were unable to criticize him or even hide their sympathy, revealing their ideological affinity. Then Trump simply criticized him as it should be.

  2. Slingblade says:

    I liked it when he put Vanity Fair in its place after criticizing his steaks.
    “Has anyone looked at the really poor numbers of @VanityFair Magazine. Way down, big trouble, dead! Graydon Carter, no talent, will be out!”

    • The entire legacy media is dying because with the rise of the internet, they no longer have a captive audience, and therefore, their ad revenues are falling rapidly. The hidden punchline here is that the internet is experiencing the same effect because users tune out ads and leave channels where ads are numerous or intrusive. Advertising depends on having a captive audience; this is why roadside signs work so well: there is nothing else to look at, and we are forced to look because we are driving or staring out the car window anyway. The most likely outcome of internet business is that it will devastate conventional business and then, having disrupted itself, implode, leaving behind a population with fewer avenues for goods and services. Watch Uber, for example, take out the taxicab business and then, when its costs catch up with it, evaporate; watch Amazon total brick and mortar stores for electronics and books, then implode once it can no longer constantly grow; watch Google devastate advertising, but then when it is realized that its own ads are worthless, fade away. Apple is poised best as a hardware manufacturer, but only because Wintel machine makers are so godawfully stupid and greedy. If one of them realizes what users actually want and are willing to pay for, Apple will finally have competition and fall because it is actually an exploitative cult.

  3. Slingblade says:

    Also he’s clever enough to deceive the SJW crowd with a little bit of virtue signaling of his own:
    I doubt he had any great love for those spics, but it needed to be done to reach a decent number of voters to win the election.
    Now that he’s won, they’re certainly welcome to have Trump taco bowls… back in Mexico.
    Hail Trump! Hail our people! Hail victory!

    • Trump strikes me as a moderate who also recognizes a realistic bottom line. Immigration destroys prospects by raising the number of people in the labor pool. This benefits employers but externalizes costs to the citizens. It seems to me he is agnostic on race but recognizes the business truth of immigration, which is that it has devastated the American citizen by both raising costs and depressing wages. If he applies the same calculus to diversity, he will end up as I have: not opposed to any race, but opposed to the idea of diversity itself.

  4. Exilarch says:

    The left wants infinity POCs and all whites dead, Trump wants slightly fewer POCs with higher quality controls and seems ambivalent about whether or not all whites deserve to die.

    Trump is therefore best characterized as the Alt Left.

  5. NotMe says:

    Trump is not a conservative. He has never claimed to be one. That is a good thing. What have conservatives done for us lately ? I mean in the past 25 years ? Nothing except “getting along” with the left, and they have done plenty of bad too.
    Trump needs no label. He sees the horrible state that our country/civilization is in, and is willing to try to fix it. It will not be easy, and he is sacrificing his valuable time to try to save our country. Bravo Trump !

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