Remaking modern society

Some metal message board member offers a challenge.

Assumption: we often discuss politics and this domain has its own definite views.

But we are taught democracy, capitalism and liberal civil/women’s rights together comprise “freedom,” and that anything but freedom is “bad.” So what can we do? We shrug and watch the ongoing travesty, certain we cannot with these hands and these minds do anything to reverse the course toward total destruction. After all, this path to death runs parallel with “progress” and “freedom,” which are bringing us an enlightened time, free of wars and want — or is that too illusion? We wonder, and do nothing. There is nothing we can do …or is there?

Environmentalism Contra Democracy

Query: if our own regime was in power, what policies would it implement?

Parameter 1: be an essentially environmentalist regime.

Parameter 2: avoid extreme measures to attain radical goals.


Solution: create a radical social reconstruction of human self-image.

If this reconstruction were directly made policy, it would constitute an extreme measure. Citizen, understand you are a delusional primate or get tasered in the face. This is a breach of parameter 2. Instead, we would need policy change directed at the cause of human self-image today that undermines our naturalist and traditionalist goals.

For the individual, early in life we explain to them they are human beings, not beautiful butterflies. Just human. They are going to make big mistakes. The important part is not to find all sorts of ways to feel better after failure, but instead to learn. By learning, similar to evolution, error is weeded out so that what works prevails.

For groups, self-expression has been dumbed down to its simplest form. Where in the past, body art would symbolize real meaning, today piercings are personality accessories marketed everywhere like any other consumer product.

In the past, a high seas sailor might have gotten piercings or tattoos after completion of a particularly memorable journey that might have been harrowing or otherwise extraordinary.

people_are_not_specialOther body art might serve as a lifelong mark of affiliation with some organization. Branding might have been used to indicate those in society who have been marked for disdain like a criminal or slave.

Self-expression today is another effect of humanism taken to ludicrous extremes of meaningless fantasy: anyone can be anything as everything is now accessible and thus nothing has real value for us.

To summarize so far, if modern people are encouraged to seek comfort rather than improvement and everything has been dumbed down to products with price tags, but still have no meaningful value, we have much work ahead of us.

Mere non-intrusive, or seamless policy changes are not going to be enough. Similarly, having every school kid take an ecology class or having a department of consumer affairs isn’t making a non-destructive population, the majority of whom care about the parts of the world that aren’t just pockets of their own social reality.

It is small wonder that a term as broadly allusive as humanism should be subject to a wide variety of applications. Of these (excepting the historical movement described above) there are three basic types: humanism as Classicism, humanism as referring to the modern concept of the humanities, and humanism as human-centredness.


Like so many terms in use today that could mean just about anything, or nothing in particular, we’ll need to specify our use of humanism as anthropocentricity; our prevailing human-centredness. Because it is the simplest, requiring the least intelligence and character to comprehend and apply, it is also arguably the most frequent type of humanism found among people today, hence our emphasis on anthropocentric.

So, if anything needs to change, it is the modern humanism. Individualism and rampant consumerism work to reinforce the culture of selfishness that consequently operates against whatever environmental policy our hypothetical regime may have.

In other words, there would be a constant state of conflict arising from the contradiction between ruling policy and ordinary public life the people are accustomed to.wish_fulfillment_is_reality_denial-131x300

But we are taught democracy, capitalism and liberal civil/women’s rights together comprise “freedom,” and that anything but freedom is “bad.”

A regime that began to tamper with the individual pursuit of comfort would be short-lived because it would soon be voted out of power by the humanist majority crowd. Therefore, any policies such a regime implemented would likely find themselves replaced by a more crowd pleasing, liberal administration.

Since only an elected democratic government has the authority to create and apply public policy, we would instead need to work on public culture and public perception. A new set of values would have to get generally accepted.

There would need to be peer pressure, ridicule, or ostracism directed at the old backward humanists that are running our civilization into a dead end: the poseurs, the hipsters, the crowd.

But, the friendlier side of coercion is persuasion and reward. If we work together to lock the humanism vampire in its tomb, you get to be a part of a future that has something to look forward to.

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  1. highduke says:

    In the begining there were directionless, desperate, leaderless peasants willing to listen to reason. Priests lead them into society/civilization & develop into scholars as they lead the peasants, out of whom men of war & commerce develop. The men of commerce overthrow the scholars, villify them & in a few centuries, Society is back where it started & until it becomes as poor, stupid & desperate as it was at the start, the archetype that initiated the cycle will be marginalized & villified.

  2. Excellent article, Doug. It resonates with me on quite a few points.

    I’ve always found it difficult to reconcile being both a skilled tradesman(HVAC/R) and a radical environmentalist. Most of the budweiser/NASCAR (*vomit in terror*) types I’ve worked with over the years have zero qualms about getting paid to cause things like soil or water contamination, stratospheric ozone depletion or even despeciation.

    It was sad enough for me as a kid seeing the rapid extinction of the Florida Panther, The Manatee and the Key Deer.

    Now I see this and my heart sinks:

    It’s quite a bit more serious than most people seem to realize. Without pointing fingers in a public manner, I have a bit of personal insight into this.

    Mercury. Yes, Mercury.

    A few years back I worked for a highly respected mechanical contractor in West Florida. Spitting distance from the Gulf. Air Conditioning and Electrical, mostly. Been in business since the early Seventies.

    Their shop is situated next to a drainage ditch which gets very heavy flow from the rest of the town. This ditch continues downhill until it empties directly into the gulf. On one side of this ditch is an auto mechanic shop. On the other side, a pair of dumpsters for the contractor.

    Into these dumpsters, easily a million old mercury bulb thermostats have been carelessly tossed. These dumpsters are not watertight, mind you.

    I left for ethical reasons. I was also, as an eco-conscious hessian, sick of being called a commie hippie fag.

    I don’t know if it’s Capitalism or simply pure contempt for science on the part of the eco-rapists. This is just one of my many employers from over the years. Sadly, they seem to be the rule rather than the exception.

    I worked really hard for my licenses and professional credentials. I found it grotesquely offensive how laws passed in the early 80’s are still so poorly enforced.

    For instance:

    If you as a technician discover a leak on a chiller or other industrial/process refrigeration unit, you are not required to repair it unless the leak exceeds 35% of the total charge (possibly hundreds or thousands of pounds) in one years time.

    That’s a lot of high density gasses. Despite being totally outlawed these days, many functional appliances are still utilizing R-12. This has created a black market of sorts. I hate to use the AIDS that is wikipedia, but here’s a crash course on R-12:

    I think the United States has taken some decent steps toward a cleaner future. R-22 has been phased out of production and sale. Propane is showing great promise as a replacement(drop in) refrigerant with much lower ODP/GWP. If we actually enforced our existing laws perhaps we could avoid dooming future generations.

    This is where capitalism becomes problematic:

    “EPA will permit additional time to the extent reasonably necessary where a delay is caused by the requirements of other applicable federal, state, or local regulations; or where a suitable replacement refrigerant, in accordance with the regulations promulgated under Section 612, is not available; and EPA will permit one additional 12-month period where an appliance is custom-built and the supplier of the appliance or a critical component has quoted a delivery time of more than 30 weeks from when the order was placed, (assuming the order was placed in a timely manner). In some cases, EPA may provide additional time beyond this extra year where a request is made by the end of the 9th month of the extra year.”

    “NOOOOO! I can’t get it fixed now! It could hurt my business ever so slightly. I won’t be able to buy my usual quota of hookers and blow!
    Don’t you watch Fox News? There’s no scientific proof this stuff is harmful at all. Don’t you remember the spotted owl? Be gone, monkey wrench! I’m calling a professional, not some low-life punk out to mess with my money!”

    “I’m terribly sorry you feel that way, Sir. Although, with all due respect, you called me for help. Have a nice day.”

    Admittedly, this reeks of hyperbole. Just not very much.

    Here’s what I find odd about the “modernization” of my trade:

    Newer compounds have been developed, for instance R-134a or R-410a (puron) that are advertised as being “Green” due to their relative lack of ODP (ozone depletion potential).

    Here’s one, but not the only catch- Global Warming potential. It’s through the roof with these “environmentally sound” chemicals. Plus many a technician in the field takes even less care to reclaim because “it’s not a big deal anymore”. Another factor to consider is contribution to Acid Rain, particularly with R-134a:

    Another catch is the existing technocracy of manufacturers, distributors and developers. R-410a was actually developed by the Carrier Corporation to compete with Trane/American Standard’s stranglehold on the American market. Ironically enough, Trane units are still based on the original designs acquired from General Electric’s now defunct HVAC division.
    Funny how advanced we think we are, and how basic the bulk of our technology still is, eh?

    The Carrier Corporation proudly advertises themselves as “The world leader in environmentally sound refrigeration”. Can’t blame them. It’s a smart tactic, and their founder did develop the first practical climate control system. They have at the very least, earned some bragging rights.

    Here’s the problem:
    R-410a equipment is quite EXPENSIVE in comparison to it’s predecessors. There are a couple reasons for this:
    1. Different controls due to variable power draws and higher operating pressures.
    2. For all the hype, the new compounds do not measure up in terms of cooling capacity.
    3. There are still lots of bugs to be worked out of the circuits- the hygroscopic nature of the oils reduces the already fragile margin of error in regard to evacuation.
    4. Many contractors are unabashedly using R-410-a as a “pipe detergent”, venting massive amounts to avoid having to run new pipes.

    Isn’t progress wonderful?

    Sorry to go on a hideous tangent there. It’s a bad habit of mine :)

    To steer back to your thoughts for a moment:

    “If this reconstruction were directly made policy, it would constitute an extreme measure. Citizen, understand you are a delusional primate or get tasered in the face. This is a breach of parameter 2. Instead, we would need policy change directed at the cause of human self-image today that undermines our naturalist and traditionalist goals.”

    This is a tricky one. I don’t like collectivism as a matter of basic darwinian principle. Extremism has a tendency to alienate people who could otherwise be useful, even powerful allies. I’m not sure what sort of policy could change our image of self. Care to elaborate on this a tad?

    • Doug Vance says:

      That’s just it. We’ll have to go deeper than creating policies. We’ll have to work on how we see ourselves, each other, other lifeforms, our world and universe. Religions have successfully done this in the past.

      • Most environmental policy these days seems to amount to little more than lip service.

        I agree that religions are useful in this sense, although there will always be folks who simply don’t buy into them. If we could unite these people under a common banner, I think the result could be very positive.

        If not, at least getting people to pick up garbage would be a nice start.

  3. Rob Martin says:

    I’m full of ideas, my problem is putting them into action and actually getting them to be acknowledged – that’s the biggest problem, we’re not popular simple as. I’m gonna throw loads of thoughts out here, sorry for the length! But, it is interesting, especially the very end when there is something I think that can reunite religion and science in the minds of everyone if understood properly, also a heightened awareness of our technology as our creations (therefore to be nurtured wisely). Anyways, have fun:


    Popularity is a strength in a democracy, wealth is a strength in an oligarchy.
    Knowledge is a strength in an aristocracy, power is a strength in a tyranny.

    We need all of them.

    We need to expand a few definitions here and there though, this will increase popularity and by using their own language instead of out ‘fascist’ language, we can still say the same thing but in socially acceptable words, thereby winning hearts and minds much easier.

    When we communicate with oligarchs, we talk with words like economy, wealth, business, progress, growth, but we take these linearised words and make them whole in a cosmic sense again.

    When we talk with liberals, we talk about increasing the quality of life for everyone, stopping corporations from enslaving thrid world countries and enslaving the underclass instead (making us more self sustainable and picking up the economy), not westernising other countries but helping other less advanced countries to develop infrastructure (self sustainable, ecological aristocracies with the colours of their local cultures)

    When we talk with hipsters, we talk about how much fitter their whores will be if they embrace natural selection, how much more fun their weekends will be instead of sitting at home playing a boring xbox, how we can help them develop real talent and get above the crowd.

    Most people are greedy, therefore bait them. People will do anything for something that is free, therefore we reward people with short term material things that are immediately rewarded to the people who follow, this way they can pick up the crumbs on the trail to the big cake where its all at.

    Dogs do not eat pills, if you have ever had a pet dog and tried to feed it a pill, it will spit it out – but then loads of lardy butter is coated over it and the dog is too stupid to figure it out and eats all the tasty butter with the horrible tasting pill of pessimism inside of it.

    The crowd has a desire for material things, anything that helps individuals is always from focusing on the community and not the other way round. We focus alot on global issues but we are missing the obvious things that the average joe can relate to. By enhancing our culture, we can make everything we do more fun, and fun is what lots of people like, so fun is what they will get by letting us deal with what is vital to all of us.

    Therefore there is the short term reward, the bait to lure the obstacle away from the path we need to advance in.

    What the majority of people like:
    being more care free
    carnal desires

    (To the average person, the benefits of believing in what is right)
    Entertainment, Fun and the removal of things we really shoulden’t have to care about—

    Okay then, for entertainment. What we will achieve by standing up to the pain of past failures: quality entertainment. Everyone knows in the back of their mind that there is too much junk out there nowadays, too much quantity, too many rubbish games, empty books, lame empty lyrics to techno beat crud on the radio, eventless weekends, unrelenting taxes and parasites trying to steal our herd owned money. Time to change things around for the greater good of everyone and everything that consists of life in our world.

    Most people live for the weekends in western countries, the weekday is full of boring slave labour at some service industry or some pointless status quo academia. The problem is for many people, there’s nothing to do at the weekend! All your mates would rather cabbage in front of the TV or playing xbox or something, there isn’t much to do at the weekends, few people have house parties, and if people do go out there is nothing to do downtown because the modern state has converted everything into comercial parasites only there to steal your money without giving you a life worth living for.

    Now, if you support this, not only will your weekends be worth living for.. your whole week will be worth living for, infact your whole life will be worth living for! The boring jobs slaving away to service industries will be annexed for our top quality, fresh air, urban redevelopment jobs that pays you a wage far greater than your current and gives you more than enough to buy you and your mates a great weekend out, every week. You will feel mentally great, you will be doing physical exercise, and you will be helping your environment and everyone you care for. It will feel like going on holiday* – forever going somewhere new, during the week you won’t work 24/7 on a hamster wheel and will be working to make your towns and cities fun for everyone. The downtown areas will be refurbished and reused, there will be many new restaurants that serve local foods, and with more people with enough money spare from taxes and mortgages – they can afford to eat out and spend time with their neighbours and friends, down town in the much healthier, and beautiful architecture that you and your mates could be building.

    *Why do people go on holiday? To escape! We love paradise, therefore this will be the aim, making our home like paradise by taking responsibility for it.

    People hate being bored. Do you hate being bored? I do, but I have vast interests therefore I have plenty to be thinking about in my spare time. For the majority, they find anything that requires comprehension boring, therefore we will help them out if only they let us.

    More fun in our boring lives: The state will provide new facilities built and converted by locals that act as communal gathering places, they will be somewhat of major additions to the downtown superstores. When we head downtown, we often find ourselves wandering around wondering what the hell to do, and unless your buying something there is nothing for you to do. That is the reason no one hangs out very often in most places, town is boring and worthless with crowds always flowing through without actually having any fun whatsoever.

    Now by the jobs mentioned above, we can give everyone alot more recreational time. Therefore all you poseurs who want to be popular and famous will have ways and means of doing this, there will be more theaters, xfactor kind of things scheduled at certain times each week for locals to come and judge their talent whilst enjoying something new and interesting into their cultures. Basically, our aim is to turn the boring ‘walk through town, buy something, go home, cry’ into the much more exciting ‘go to the town, have fun with the locals, laugh, enjoy living, go to restaurants/clubs or something in the evening with friends, go home, enjoy a good night sleep, cherise your memories’. Much better then it is now.

    Consumerism hasn’t given us what it says it would, it says we will all get this and that. But we have to work ridiculous hours at a boring job just to get any of this, now do you want to work less and be reward more for your hard work? Yeah? then vote for us because you know what, we’ll significantly reduce the cost of living for you by turning the retail into a communal land ownership where people do not have to work their whole lives just to pay a flimsy mortgage or rent. The shops down town are very pointless and filled with much junk crafted by child slaves in third world countries also, not a nice thing, hey humanism? Don’t let the corporations continue to get away with giving all our jobs to child labourers – total self sustainability is very humanistic and environmental.

    Instead have a new trade for awesome architecture crafted by the locals in the curves and grooves of the cultures, that too crafted by the creative wills of dedicated locals. At present most of us do not own any land, it is owned by the landlords and they have us on a leash unwilling to actually let us live in a sense of order, therefore these landlords can instead find better ways to live other than parasitizing others and can earn comfortable wages to enjoy their lives and also liberate those who would otherwise be trapped under their financial prison. And instead of child labourers, we will bring all the jobs back within each state, not only fixing the economy and saving 3rd world slaves, but giving our people more confidence in what they’re buying, and all the resources for the production lines will be from local sources within the state, mostly recycled for free by nice people from mining all the landfill junk that the past 50 years have made for us to plunder.

    The quality of stuff in the shop is generally quite dull, they have turned our cultures into boring brands and useless franchises, therefore when we get the reigns of power we will reward the masses with quality and not quantity. The clothes in the shops will all be of great quality, the fashion decided by locals, the pricetags significantly reduced to almost production costs only. We will encorporate barter-like economics in with the monetary systems thereby sealing all the holes in the leaky bucket of modern day economics, no longer will the money pour out of the base with no return on the individual who invested in such things. The fashions will be close together with any great ideas and inspirations that your community pleases, and not only will the quality of each item be increased to be long lasting and great looking, there will also be a greater range of items to choose from – not junk however, more quality gear, nothing pathetic and useless right?

    Music nowadays is dictated to us by the rap ripping radioheads down at the FM studio, they choose the most meaningless satire like lyrics about the pains of being a promiscuous whore, aww what a shame, to be honest it makes me laugh – that isn’t our lives, and most of us shoulden’t care either, what we need is to filter out this rubbish from across the planet and start producing our own talent, right here, right now. And there are many different sub-cultures influencing those different strains of music, nothing of any decency, nothing to last the times is much created, it is too globalised.

    By giving everyone alot more spare time and much more things to do we will be able to (with communal projects) give cheap/free, fun training sessions for any individual to improve their music talents on whatever instrument they want, challenging lyrics will be the aim for whatever genre it is within, and then these will serve to greater inspire the cultures and give them pride in their communities for creating great musicians.

    Lots of people arn’t too friendly nor good looking nowadays, the majority are in an unfit condition, they have low self esteem, low ambitions, give up and plug in to virtual reality (TV, xbox etc) – That is NOT good enough, they can do ALOT better.

    Sun Tzu said; “Unify their bodies through martial art, unify their minds through cultural art”.
    Therefore, we will support our local gyms and any other places that teach martial art and many people will be able to learn this for free, the state will solve the measily costs, the teachers will be those who arn’t looking to milk their students of every penny but do it because they enjoy what they are doing, everybody will be encouraged to train and practice for the good of their mental/body unity. That will increase self esteem significantly, people will have more opportunities to make friends, they will slice off those flab packs for six packs.

    The martial arts taught will be developed as new forms by local cultures by adopting the developed western/eastern ones and then new, limitless varieties can be evolved from them. Not only will they focus on the individual as do many of these kinds, but they will add the element of co-operation with collectivity, the martial art will be of a higher kind rather than only focusing on the individual, and through this the development of new war like techniques can also be created, either for recreational or actual ecofriendly state-to-state war skirmishes.

    The cultural art will give everyone the collective strength of high hopes and ambitions, we will no longer bother with boring jobs and solely focusing on career ladders, we will act towards the maximum control of ourselves, discovering everything true about ourselves and shedding all that is lie, we will slowly disconnect away from the xbox and facebook and gradually begin to live those adventures that we only play on computer games, to actually do something about all the things we moan about on facebook to our clueless friends.

    Devolution is the problem, attaining lower and lower of what the human race is capable of, imagine everyone you knew was fit and healthy, great looking, where everything great about those people is magnified exponentially. Look at our present, people ignore the good things as they are weak and enfeebled by the chains of crowd cowardice.

    Eugenics, not the blonde hair and blue eyed type, but decided by our cultural art based apon the combination of the environment and the culture that will inspire future generations. Many people are dissatisfied with millions of obese and ugly people, they always search for the perfect ‘one’ something created internally and therefore they never find them.

    So what we will do is give a cultural and genetic eugenics, that has an infinite of varieties to choose from, just as there are only a few primary colours but together produce and infinitude of hues that the eye can then see.

    Many people complain about being ugly or boring, therefore work apon that aspect of character for the culture AND remove all the obstacles which make them like that to then single out the genetic abilities and quality of each characters at their highest potentials. Therefore more people will be physically healthier by means of healthier lifestyles therefore much fitter looking, much less ugly and ontop of that the cultural values will give people decent clothes to show off their true characters and status etc. After the adoption of this culture and diverse eugenics, people will be alot more attractive looking, then they will have purpose in themselves and also be much more confident and their children will inherit a wealthy heritage from that culture that can see them into a greater existence from earth into the cosmos.

    Overall Solution:
    Imagine you are a deity, a supernatural god who with a drop of divinity can turn dirt into gold, this god does not seek for destruction of anything but instead seeks to not only solve problems but exponentially increase the quality of everything it comes into contact with. Take an observation at any point in modern society and then put on your red & blue 3D goggles, with our red hue we can see everything that is rosey coloured and happy, what makes people optimistic, what people want. The blue hue side is the one no one wants to see, the ecological problems, the sober realism. Now put them on and we can see everything that needs to be done and the appearance that people want to see it come as.

    People eagerly vote for change, therefore we shall be the real change. They eagerly vote for equality, therefore we shall be able to take this and invert the meaning from individualism onto what would really help them the most. Equality as a starting point, freeing up opportunities for all to do the best of their abilities by treating nicely all things to a degree of realism (as much as is realistically possible). In my eyes compassion can be used on anything when the compassioner is of superier strength, when we are weak we are then desperate and are easily angered thereby flinging victory away. Keeping our own emotions controlled, we can then observe others and find suitable outlets for their pent up pressures. When these people are angry, they want something done, therefore we will put on these 3D goggles and the answer will jump out at us, we will see the true nature of the problem and then find the right answer and the right appearance for that answer. This is the same as a skeleton to the flesh, the flesh gives it the good looks, the skeleton gives it the structure so it doesn’t turn into a puddle of lard.

    Modern society builds dams across the natural river of the natures of people, it only allows certain socially acceptable paths, therefore, like the water, you can adapt to these times and pass through. By adapting to only some outlets, only some of our message will get through, if we adapt to all the outlets, all of our message will get through. Given time, that dam will burst if it does not hurry and relieve the rising pressures on the one side of it, it is already cracking through the stress and the strain.

    The best way to get out of a democracy is to localise everything, therefore more experiments of politics and influencers will only have to work on their local areas rather than the whole nation, and by including as many people as is possible. The most danger is not from those who are enemies but from those who have been ignored, those people are desolated and destroyed by being ignored. They may not be great people, but they are the main contributers to the crowd, they become hopeless and devoid of meaning and do what everyone else does, only dreaming of becoming something better but are trapped inside the box, trapped in the status quo.

    “Anything you can do, I can do better.”
    That shoulden’t just be a la-la song, but that should be the words of true power. Whenever we see a ‘leader’ saying something, talking about some ‘problem’, we can jump it, steal it for our own purpose by keeping the appearence but changing the fundamentals that no one can see. Every speech they do, we can find the truth behind it as in what the people will perceive of that and we can expand on that and dwarf the original statement that came before it.

    To connect with each and everyone in a realistic way, we can see what the role of everyone in this society is and adapt that for the transition to a better one, that way they will like us more because we are only trying to help humanity save itself from collapse. If people are doing something that is destructive, then we can change the course of that into something constructive. We know there is an infinite of alternatives for every job in our society into one that not only benefits the whole (ecosphere and societal collective), but is suited to the individuals abilities and ambitions in life so that they can maximise their experience and joy in life. People who only care about wealth, well let’s expand the definition of wealth into material wealth, spiritual wealth, environmental wealth and wealth of direction, instead of a single thread we now have multiple threads than entwined become a sturdy rope able to lift heavy things. So the oligarches think they’re rich? I wish they were – but unfortunately they’re very poor in that, I know they suffer from their lack of meaning, they are hurt inside by other people who are wealthier in those senses then them, the more the merrier right? More as in alternative solutions, these in balance begin to enhance each other and the quality of life for the individual within them.

    The bank of economic wealth is the monetary bank that collects economic tokens for the sake of themselves because they unconsciously think that will make their life better, it holds great power over the body of society but little direction nor spirit. The bank of spiritual wealth is the library, it contains a wealth of information that can help anyone who wants it, but that wealth has to be earned just like any other wealth, its currency is self sacrifice of our time to spare a thought for something to enhance our lives. The bank of environmental wealth is the forest, those with the richest of these banks have the greatest diversity and economy of life, it is beautiful and gives the meaning to all of our lives, it is a reservoir of energy – not when cut down, but when it is alive and breathing, living parallel to ourselves. The true bank of material wealth is that of culture, because culture is the most material thing to us as humans, culture created the economy, it created everything from humanity, it turned the bland rock into a jewel and it can, and shall if this holistic oligarchy wishes wealth in all realms of life, it can make paradise on earth by doing what is right and making people know that it is right.

    It should be known to everyone that through people like us, there is absolutely nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain.

    Esotericism is the cure for the modern religion.

    Also, we can make people believe in God, the whole again, how? By gaining an evolutionary blueprint with Revolutions in Evolution, here’s a rough description of the origin of everything that I can think of:
    • The atoms are products of evolution, the light elements are abundant at first, and then they react with each other – by ‘swamping’ together and become abundant as ‘algae’ they form the relationship that allows them the chances required for ‘life’ to emerge independently – thus heavier elements are ‘evolved’ in these hyper dense ‘swamps’ of light elements called Stars – These first stars of the universe turned the abundant lightweights into the uncommon heavyweights and thus they ‘evolved’ the complexity and diversity of the species of atoms.
    • The molecules are products of evolution, the simple atoms are abundant at first, and they then react with each other – with different weighted atoms with different chemical properties etc they were able to create many diverse molecules in whatever way objective reality would allow them to. This in turn led to the chance occurrence of organic molecules being ‘evolved’ on very uncommon planets and regions of galaxies. This then diversified the molecule pool, and many more complex molecules were thus evolved.
    • These organic molecules, very rare compared to the other molecules and atoms, chanced the evolution into self replicating life form machinery. At first they were created from the externalisation of the evolutionary process of the molecules, and the molecules from the externalisation of the evolutionary process of the atoms. They changed the surrounding environment thus changing the conditions, creating a somewhat ‘artificial’ environment that then gave them a step up the ladder unto the next revolution, thus they chanced the creation of ‘artificial’ things. This self replicating machinery was the first DNA cell, the unification of two RNA organic molecules into a ‘double celled’ creation thus giving the revolution in evolution – increasing the diversity and complexity of the ‘species’.
    • These DNA’s then formed algae and all other single celled life, the algae and the other cell that merged with it and benefited from the externalised evolutionary process and thus further evolved the complexity and diversity of the species into a whole new realm.
    • These biological memory chips slowly increased their storage capacity through the amount of chromosomes they contain, from a simple small amount all the way up to the massive storage of biological knowledge our dnas contain.
    • These multiple celled creatures may have had many different revolutions in the evolutionary process, such as the revolution that gave the life forms the ability to begin the next externalisation process – this was to give them intelligence and self conscience as individuals.
    • These individuals of self conscience thus evolved externally into a collectivity and this can now peak with Artificial Intelligence (note the ‘artificial’ conditions that made heavy elements, then molecules, then organic molecules, then single celled life, then multiple celled life, then self conscious multi celled life individually, and now self conscious multi celled life collectively).
    • After this, the AI will evolve, and when it externalises it will combine with the Biological Intelligence, like the two hydrogen’s that made the helium, the two RNA’s made the DNA, the two single celled life forms that made the multi celled life form
    • After this, the Artificial Biological Intelligence will thus combine with other Artificial Biological Intelligences and potentially root deep down into the simplest of life forms and ‘possess’ them and reach high like a tree through this up into the most complex heights of the cosmos in the most diverse and complex way it possibly can to enhance its survival.
    • This process will diversify and complexify until the entire universe is underneath the conscious process, thus the universe will be able to reproduce with other universes and more universes that are capable for life to evolve will emerge through an extra universal natural selection – Thus all physical laws are evolved, therefore they are carried by a universal cosmotype (a physical law genotype) – The self conscience of this universe is the process that allows the universe to reproduce, through them they can carry physical law ‘eggs’ and fertilise them with other universes – thus increasing the complexity, beauty and diversity of universes for future descendents and for the survival of the universe.
    • The universe evolved from nothing, and from nothing became something, and from that something became many proto-universes in lower dimensions. From these lower dimensional universes they continually changed and the most advantageous universe that evolved was able to reproduce in the simplest complexity – This cosmic selection process got rid of the useless cosmotypes and the ones that enhanced the internalised evolution of those universes was successfully able to externalise this such that life could emerge and thus further enhance the survival of the universe through extra universal intelligence.
    • I have here a logical paradox, if universes before ours were able to exist prior to our universe – If this cosmic natural selection exists to shape the laws of the universe, then it is logical to say that life similar to what is evolving in our universe was able to emerge in prior universes that preceded the birth of this universe, the parent universes.
    • Now if this life was able to survive within the parent universe with only marginally different cosmotypes then if this life was intelligent, it could potentially survive the death of its universe and pass into another that is beneficial to their survival. The Gods were evolved in our universe’s ancestors – they created through evolution the laws that made our universe. There are many Gods, just as there is an infinite expanse of universes being created from nothing right at this very moment.
    • Everything we know of quite literally exists – just reorganise the information and the truth will emerge.
    • Nothing quite literally exists too, from a void of nothing came the 1st dimension by the combination of an infinitely numerous points of nothing – Thus forming a line, a something between the two nothings thus the fountain of creation.
    • From that evolved the 2nd dimension, then the 3rd, then the 4th, then the 5th. We will evolve into infinity, we shall become infinity. Ye shall be as gods.
    • Through the evolution of complexity, everything that exists has been created.
    • If something wasn’t natural then it would not even exist nor would the thought of such a thing occur! – There is instead a preference for natures that are more in tune with our adaptations.
    • Also, the universe has a life cycle, we know there is a birth of this universe but we give up there due to our ignorance. If we look to the future we can see that it will either crunch or expand into infinity, it will sag and get old until it rips apart and all the heavier dimensional vectors (like heavy elements in stars) it is made of will fuel the birth of higher dimensional universes (heavy elements from dead stars gave the metals and heavier elements like carbon that are required for life like ours to exist) – Therefore it is technically a product of evolution! All particles have been evolved, other universes will have different weights and decay rates, different speeds of particles – all through diversity and complexity.
    • Biology should not be separated from Physics or Chemistry, they are all intertwined – Nor should Philosophy! – Or absolutely anything! – All these ideas are webbed within our universal cosmotype, its genotype of relativity – It forms the natural complexity of this universe and provides us with our realism that we must abide whilst we are within this universe.

    So yeah, some ideas…
    this last bit might be dynamite.

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