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“Racism” Never Existed


In Leftist-land, diversity has always been the normal state of humankind but a small number of sociopaths, called “racists,” have always hated other tribes just for being different (the same thing to which SJWs attribute their social failures in high school) and depended on sadistic subjugation of those others for their own callow sense of well-being.

In reality, “racism” does not exist and never has existed. What we see instead is that each group prefers its own, but when there is a strong and prosperous morality, diversity can be engineered and the inevitable backlash — not being able to live exclusively among their own kind, and losing control of their institutions, for the majority — blamed on “racism” which then serves as a means of ascending to power or at least getting hired as a Diversity Officer.

Like most Leftist worries, “racism” is a phantom of the mind. People prefer their own groups to live around, date/marry, befriend, work with and conduct business with. If you allow them to do this naturally, you end up with nations as we have always had, and in them social hierarchy. But Leftists hate that and want to destroy it.

And so, a crusade against “racism” begins and anyone accused of being “racist” has his life destroyed. But if it succeeded, the anti-“racism” crusade would actually create a far worse outcome:

And, honestly, is it a good idea for Airbnb to set up its platform in such a way that a person of color might unknowingly wind up in the home of a virulent racist? Or vice versa? The woman who was verbally abused by the racist Airbnb host in North Carolina told a business school classmate, “I was overwhelmed with the thought of what could have happened if I moved in without him finding out I was black. Would he have assaulted me physically or verbally etc? I just didn’t feel safe anymore.”

It has become a Silicon Valley trope that the more companies like Airbnb try to change the world, the more they reinforce the problems in the world they set out hoping to disrupt. Racism in hotel bookings has not been a problem for decades. But Airbnb is now returning us to a version of the Jim Crow era when, if you were black, you needed a race-specific travel guide to offer tips and tricks on how to navigate the white world.

When you force people to live together and interact, the ugliness comes out. When you let them have their own domains, they will not only be happier but less likely to do horrible things to one another. The hilarity of this situation is that the end result of anti-“racism” will be even more segregation and resentment.

Human history consists of long periods of sanity punctuated by disturbances in which the neurotics among us, who are able to survive because civilization makes their lives less dependent on individual pro-active forcefulness, take over and sell their insanity with pleasant-sounding ideas of the nature of that which is found in cults, on greeting cards, and in sales literature for products geared toward low-IQ people.

Eventually, they gain enough power to put their crazy ideas into practice, at which point those actions fail and the bad guys are given the power to sweep in and mop up the disaster, which they usually do by sword and fire. Like all of these Utopian crusades, the “war against ‘racism'” is a problem of its own creation which is exacerbated by its putative solutions.

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