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  • Inmate once wrongfully accused of killing 7-year-old Jazmine Barnes killed himself behind bars

    It turns out that the quest for the Great White Defendant in this case resulted in loss of life. Maybe Shaun King will be held accountable?

    Cantrell was wrongly accused in the shooting death of Jazmine earlier this year, stemming from a now-deleted Twitter post by activist Shaun King. Cantrell resembled the sketch initially released of the suspect in Jazmine’s murder, but he was never charged.

    Two other men, Eric Black and Larry Woodruffe, are charged with capital murder for the Dec. 30, 2018, shooting death of the 7-year-old.

    No one can have justice under diversity. Black people need Black police, neighborhoods, judges, lawyers, bailiffs, and media in order to have justice, and the same is true for other groups as well.

  • Eight key quotes from Julius Malema’s speech

    We are here because we are continuing with the fight of our ancestors. Our ancestors will never rest in peace for as long as the white man walks this land and acts like they are the owners.

    Black People you must unite, these people do not love us. They will never see themselves a black African.

    He is not wrong, but nor are his solutions right. Diversity must end. White South Africans need to leave Africa for Africans, much as Africans in America and Europe must return to Africa.

  • 10-year-old boy charged with assault after dodgeball injury: ‘Our kids are racially targeted’

    The situation began back on Apr. 29, when Bryce received a one-day suspension from Ruth Eriksson Elementary, in Canton, for allegedly hitting a classmate in the face with a ball during a game of dodgeball. The child reportedly sustained a concussion, but because it was an accident, Lindley didn’t expect punitive measures against her son Bryce to go any further.

    But the injured child’s mother — who declined to release her name or her child’s to the public — says her son had a previous medical condition that made him susceptible to head injuries. Further, she alleges to 7 Action News that this particular injury was no accident, adding that he “sustained facial tissue damage to his face. He had a black eye and a bruised nose.” She says that her son had already experienced similar incidents while engaging in physical activities at school, and that she “tried not to let it get to this point.”

    Racial bullying breaks out everywhere. How about we end public education and let everyone educate their kids according to which group they fit into? That means not only ethnic separation, but perhaps special schools for children with previous medical conditions that make ordinary sports dangerous. All of these can be privatized for better results and less propaganda than with government “free” (paid for by mostly white property taxes) “education.” Balkanization is our future, followed by civil war, because diversity has divided the country.

  • Trump’s threat to label Antifa terrorist group triggers row in Germany

    If it behaves like a terrorist group, we need to declare it one, no matter how noble its objectives sound. However, people have been brainwashed by the incredible rise of Leftism in the years following WW1/2, and so they are finding it hard to leave that paradigm to look at the reality of the situation.

  • Top UNRWA officials accused of sexual misconduct, other ‘serious ethical abuses’

    Everywhere we look, the “refugees” seem to be behaving badly, and yet international democratic groups like the UN support them. Maybe it is time to stop looking for one solution for everyone, and to recognize that each group needs its own space, independent of others?

  • Plastic junk spawns desert island disaster in Pacific

    We are going to destroy ourselves with our own trash. We either ban highly useful plastics, at which point people will use them anyway, or we focus on making people more responsible, which probably implicates eugenics more than anything else. People are born either considerate or not, and those of lower intelligence in all groups tend to be arrogant, inconsiderate, and selfish.

  • Suburban women recoil as Trump dives into racial politics

    This is thinly-disguised propaganda designed to make suburban women think they should stop supporting Trump. The Left won by appealing to bourgeois sentiments of avoiding controversy and accepting everyone, at least if they have money to spend. In the meantime, the underlying problems of diversity have fundamentally wrecked America, and no matter what suburban women say in interviews, they prefer to live among people like themselves. They can no longer do that thanks to our pro-diversity laws. At what point do we confront reality instead of running away from the problem? The middle class is often its own worst enemy.

  • Federal Borrowing Soars as Deficit Fear Fades

    This will be the crisis that ends democracy. People vote for free stuff, especially if they think that groups which they hate will pay for it, creating a society based on resentment, revenge, and scapegoating. In the meantime, most of our budget goes to entitlements, which somehow are never mentioned for cuts.

  • Accused of racism, Trump blasts black congressman as racist

    DR3 rarely works as an argument, but Trump makes a solid point: every ethnic group acts in its own interests. This parallels his early comments about Hispanic judges favoring Hispanic interests. He is not wrong there, but the obvious solution is parallel societies, which somehow upsets people.

  • Sophie the robot whips up oodles of Singapore noodles

    In the future, industrialized nations will have little use for low-skilled labor. This means that humanity will divide into two groups, one existing at the subsistence level and another in which everyone works an office job. A better solution might be to automate as much as possible, and reduce the workforce, which will require stronger family units in which a single earner can provide for the whole family.

  • Allowance forever? Some millennials still taking money from parents

    After diversity and the high taxes to support it kicked in during the 1990s, no one could make enough money to escape the treadmill. The Baby Boomers were the last generation to be able to grow up, work normal jobs, own homes, and retire. Everyone else is a permanent slave of the state.

  • Think the heatwave was bad? Climate already hitting key tipping points

    People blame global warming for the effects of global urbanization, which covers large swathes of the Earth in concrete which then throws off heat, disrupting jet streams and resulting in weird weather patterns. People want to blame global warming because carbon taxes are easier than admitting that we have too many people and cities are destructive.

  • More than 4m in UK are trapped in deep poverty, study finds

    Despite a century of throwing money at the problem, poverty remains. No one will admit that the primary source of poverty is based in IQ, namely that people with simpler minds are worth less to industry. Instead of doing what we should do, which is reduce costs by eliminating most taxes, our politicians are caught up in how to steal more money to subsidize these people, thus increasing poverty. I have a better suggestion: stop caring about poverty, and focus on opportunity, stability, low crime, order, sanity, health, and social function.

  • South Africa takes step towards land expropriation without compensation

    Diversity societies always go broke because they lose social trust and therefore, people become greedy and selfish. Instead of addressing that problem, they try to take more money from their productive sectors, dooming themselves to permanent poverty. It might make more sense to simply offer South African whites citizenship in America, but the Left opposes that for some reason.

  • Jessica Alba’s Twitter hacked, posts homophobic, racist and Nazi-sympathizing messages

    Whatever ideas we suppress simply grow stronger because we appear to legitimize them with our fear. They also get funnier, having become the equivalent of drawing a penis on something to mock it. A society based on unrealistic pretense like ours does not have long to live.

  • US ambassador: Trump likes Boris Johnson for ‘calling it as he sees it’

    If you want populism in a nutshell, it is the idea that we must pay attention to reality instead of ideology, and that only some people can channel this “will of the people” because in groups, humans make utilitarian decisions that end badly. This is part of the general decline in liberal democracy and Leftism in general. We are entering a new age!

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