Hatred of America is rejection of globalism

As we’re fond of saying on this blog, Amerika is not a place. It’s a type of society created by globalism, which is the standardization of all humanity for the convenience of business and liberal democratic politics.

Globalism is brought to us by two forces. The first is the legal and political systems of the powers that won the last world war. The second is the people who want to imitate the lifestyle afforded by those legal and political systems.

Globalism spreads like a hip fad trend. You see your neighbor has Coke and a Big Mac, which makes you think you’re missing out, so you demand them too.

Soon everyone in the village wants those signals of living the good life, even though if they were alone on a hillside they’d admit that Coke is just sugar-water and a Big Mac just a cheap sugary hamburger.

Unfortunately, not everything we want has good consequences. Further, in groups, human beings tend to want things that produce short-term rewards and long-term destruction.

In fact, crowds tend to produce a lowest common denominator (LCD) demand, and are oblivious to consequences beyond the next pay period. This is because crowds are ruled by what they have in common, which is assessed by their weakest link.

Globalist LCDs will destroy your culture. Modern society brings sexual liberation, junk food, television, drugs, alcohol, liberalism, civil rights, rock ‘n’ roll, atheism and consumerism, and soon your country is turned into yet another soulless plastic modern shopping mall like the ones in America and Europe.

This new regime will be hell because it’s all surface and no depth, as LCDs tend to be. To a casual glance, it’s more convenient and enlightened. Under a penetrating stare, it’s a denial of all individuality and personal values, replacing them with external regimes of obedience to the needs of the herd.

The outrage in the Muslim world is about more than a film. The rage at globalism, which is an invisible enemy that no one can describe that spreads undetected through socialization, found a touchstone in this film.

The riots are a rejection of the globalist empire that’s gotten too cute about bringing “democracy” to places as a means of subverting and destroying them. This is as much about McDonald’s and Coca-Cola as it is about American foreign policy.

This is not to say that conquest of the Middle East or Pax Americana are bad things. Outside of Israel, the Middle East shows signs of greater decline than we have in the West. Smashing unstable regimes who are seeking nuclear weapons is probably a good thing.

Even further, the rule of the American superpower has brought to our world unprecedented stability. While it was birthed through the morally ambiguous conflict of WWII, that war started in Europe and determined who would run Europe, but gave us no good options.

The Nazis were brutal, the Soviets worse, and the UK/France too punitive, as the first world war showed us. American rule solved the problem. Since that time, Americans have done a good job of keeping Bolshevism and anarchy out of Europe.

What is being expressed in Libya, Yemen and Saudia Arabia is outrage at an enemy that no one can see. No one knows how to identify it, or to explain others what is going on. Globalism is like West Nile flu of the mind and soul.

When given some trivial pretext like the sloppy Islam-hating film that the American government is now trying to censor, the rage finds a surrogate and detonates all over it.

The great irony is that by becoming unstable, these regimes give their citizens a legitimate cause to want the other option, which is globalist democracy, consumerism and nice, stable deep-fried junk food.

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Brett Stevens

Brett Stevens has written about realism since the late 1980s. His work can be found at RightOn, American Renaissance, Return of Kings, Counter-Currents, Alternative Right and Aristokratia.

43 thoughts on “Hatred of America is rejection of globalism”

  1. It seems that language is one of the first things to be chipped away at by Globalism. ‘Cool’ new sayings and slang that dont describe anything other than vulgar sex acts and who is hip or square sneak in and replace functional dialect, followed, in England anyway, by the mutation of ‘th’ sounds to ‘f’.

  2. You cannot bring American ‘Democracy’ to tribal Afghanistan without cloning America and destroying what seems to be a functioning tribal system that exists in part due to the rugged environment I expect. Let Nature shape society. Don’t forget the understated role of environmental factors in the cause of the diversity of nations. Sorry if I’m drifting off topic.

  3. Note how Christians are more likely to support globalism than to rage against it. And the Christians seem to want to force modernity/globalism onto the resistant Muslims.

    1. Jane,

      Islam is every bit as “globalist” as anything America has to offer. In fact, until it spans the globe it cannot be true. And so Islam relentlessly seeks to span the globe BECAUSE it thinks it’s true.

  4. The problem isn’t that they’re Islamic, it’s that they’re third world. Third world does not mean non-white; Eastern Europe is third world, as are parts of white Latin America. Third world means your country failed, and that so many of your fellow citizens are totally incompetent that they require a dictator to keep them in line. Every population gets the government it deserves. In third world countries, it’s basically chimpanzees with machine guns, and anything smarter than a third grader is “witch doctor” and gets burned at the stake.

    Islam may also be a douchebag religion but that’s not even important. The other problem is that American junk food culture is designed for third-world people (and idiots who belong in the third world, and are slowly conveying America into third world status). The two belong together, insh’Allah.

    1. Third world means your country failed, and that so many of your fellow citizens are totally incompetent that they require a dictator to keep them in line.

      With only two options, i choose a dictatorship rather than the smiling manipulative democracy the “competent” ones seem to prefer.

  5. Maybe if artists and the aristocracy raised what the LCD is out of aspiring for the gutter, we can begin to look up to globalist thought?

    I’ve been reading this blog for ages, and while I agree with 90% of it, I think it’s not all bad. Think of some of the good things of globalism!

    I’m about to put out my first novel. Through it I hope to get people to think about their own behavior as much as this website has had me question my own.

    1. I agree with tasking artists with higher goals.

      But I don’t believe that any of the good things that accompany globalism are necessarily caused by it. They are simply incidental to it. Any “system” for that matter, does not necessarily bring about good things either; the source of good things is not to be found in a system. It’s just a backdrop for people to do what they do. Pan-nationalism would be my system of choice.

  6. I all comes of people thinking there is some answer for them that will come from somewhere in the air overhead, sink into their brains and make them feel good again. Is it God? Is it the government? Is it money? Who knows, but there’s something up there somewhere.

      1. Man doesn’t float…
        He strives towards Supremacy or he is in descent.

        This is this the first natural law of civilization.

              1. Supremacy over your desire to think you can float when you are actually in descent.

                Because clearly, you are not striving towards Supremacy.

                1. Your reality is not mine, and clearly your rules do not apply to me.
                  My supremacy-striving days are over.
                  I am already supreme.
                  Especially supreme over people who try to persuade me that I am not, and who, clearly, haven’t yet arrived at where they wish to be.
                  Striving is good. But there should be an endpoint, somewhere, where you can look back and say…
                  Mission accomplished.

                  1. Crow,

                    You didn’t answer the question?

                    Is it true? My first law of civilization?

                    If not, why not?

                  2. Crow,

                    You didn’t answer the question?

                    Is it true? The first law of civilization?

                    If not, why not?

                    1. I am not an authority of civilizations, or what their first laws are.
                      My first law is to be fearless.
                      If I abide by that law, I can deal with anything.
                      Supremacy doesn’t enter into it.
                      To be honest, looking around at people, I tire, somewhat, of civilizations, in general.

  7. Crow,

    You are seeing this thing in “liberated” terms. You are thinking that me striving towards Supremacy puts some kind of imposing burden on you. This is the thinking of the liberationist who can only see life as a constant struggle to maximize his autonomy at the expense of another. Call it zero-sumism.

  8. “As we’re fond of saying on this blog, Amerika is not a place. It’s a type of society created by globalism, which is the standardization of all humanity for the convenience of business and liberal democratic politics.”

    My view is very different. Because you are fundamentally a business-man and right-winger, you believe it is for the convenience of business and democrats.

    You work hard, Brett. But the direction is fundermentally flawed. You are a perfectionist, that comes with anger and judgments. It is easily observed in most all you posts.

    Perfectionism is good for business, not living. ‘Politics’ and ‘society’ are not real. Stand on a street and look, what you have is reality as you will ever know it, you can call it a society, you can call ‘car’, ‘sky-scraper’, ‘street.’ These words are thoughts. This is important to understand. It means there is no such thing as conservatism and socialism unless it is lived. It means also that as long as there are people born, male logical individuals in particular, there must always be some small amount of society. Even though it’s based on unreal, dreamy thoughts and ideas.

    America is founded upon the understanding that men always reach out for more, the ‘forward logic’ means that men always want more. You are a conservatist, a perfectionist, you are really a producing business-man. That is great, it makes living comfortable and prosperity grows from it. You can improve upon the world this way. The conservative is good with money, he does not understant spending without reason.

    Men don’t understand women, and they never will. It is an absolute impossibility, but they try. Being conservative in it’s essence is to produce. Women spend – male logic does not comprehend. But what men produce women multiply 10 times over. Mens place is life is to build what they like and let women make use of it. This is the proper place for cunningness.

    You simply try it. This weekend give your woman a 1000 dollar bill. Just say “I had a good week, take this and buy a pair or shoes. I will do the chores, today’. She’ll go crazy.
    – Oh my God! He cares about me!
    When she comes home, she will have 10 shopping bags with her. Male mind will go suspicious.
    ‘I gave you some money to buy the shoes you need, now you come home with all these bags. What did you buy?’.
    And she will have bought all these great things. Clothes and laces, she will have given away money to the animal shelter, maybe even a beggar…
    ‘My God! You gave my money away?? I worked so hard for it. You didn’t even buy the shoes I told you to. (What a waste)’
    This is mind-blowing to you, but she look so happy your business-mind starts working it’s mechanics. The cogs start spinning. Later on, you may really get blown away, getting a little bonus. Aha!moment.
    Next week try again. You will begin to appreciate wasting money, giving it away, I guarantee it. You will be the most clever business man on the planet. Socialism will come together in your mind, you are simply the tool to make leftism possible. Care and compassion is not an issue in this world. The issue is there is no care and compassion to be found. A real man appreciate womanly qualities, or he’s not a man. (To the women: they typically need a little something something to help them to it.)

    America is founded upon an understanding of the male mind. Males are either conquerors reaching out for more, they make kingdoms. The alternative is that they are conservative business-men producing more.

    The world most become one, politically, it is the only way. A very small shift in understanding is necessary. Right-wingers need a little emotional intelligence. Not giving emotional intelligence it’s due right as intelligence is blatantly obviously unintelligent.

    When you understand the business of relationships you will begin to appreciate socialism.
    As an individual you can have no appreciate of females, of women, on the ground you reject it. Globalism is something american, America is founded upon it. It is the only way, ultimately. But you split things up and try and turn things your way. I don’t think it is possible.

    This is a clever business, you turn america into ameriKa, and conservatism into neo-conservatism. Neo conservatism is retailer logic, the business-idea to give a product which never worked a new colorful wrapping. You may be able to sell it. But it can never make the world a better place, which is what you want being a perfectionist. These are anti-american politics. You must change something in your ways, in my humble opinion.

    To crow: You once spoke of boxes. We are growing towards 1-box fits all. That is because of tradition, please appreciate this. The politics you’ve come to support… it is making boxes. We are not box-people, aye? Conservatists must test their traditions and undo most of them…

    In my ever humble opinion.

    1. I understand everything you’re saying, and I would only add that giving too much engenders disdain in the receiver for the giver. There’s a dynamic at work.

      When the cash bonus is too generous, the receiver doesn’t know why she got so much. What’s she supposed to do in exchange, or what has the giver done wrong on the sly to owe so much?

      When the cash bonuses are automatic they lose their specialness and she comes to rely on it.

      It always happens. It’s healthier overall for the receiver to feel under-gifted and complain, than it is for her to be given too much and hate the giver.

      There’s never an end to neediness. It will suck the life out of anyone.

      The framework, the dynamic, the unerring law is the same for the socialist and the capitalist.

      I like what you said about how these ideologies come out in behavior, and without the behavior they aren’t real. I’m looking at the political postures in the US right now. I can’t believe some of the ignorance and denial. People have no idea of their own underlying philosophies!

      1. Dear Lisa.

        I believe america is more about marketing than sweden, speaking in general. I also believe you are right in what you say, and I’d add that men in particular have a hard time to receive things.

        I dont know america like you but I think that as bad as some things look that is also a great momentum. I know people are…well fat, and I think that believe their denial about it they are very angry about this underneath. They must hate themselves for it, it is possible to swing such a thing around and make them the most health conscious individuals. I’ve seen it.

        Vegetarians are necessary. Pythagoras tried to implement it, Buddha tried, Jesus tried(though no christian knows this…dead sea scrolls), but they all failed. People must become more sensitive. It is my experience and research that vegetarianism is the way to evolve man, even though I could be mistaken. It would most certainly help with issues. I believe it would make religion as crow speak of it closer to man-kind as we know it.

        We need clever businessmen who spread slow-cookers around. That way food is always ready when you get up, get home, etc. It takes only 2 mins to prepare. You dump the rice or legumes in it, though anything like meat can be cooked in it, set time and temperature – done. Any lazy fat-ass should appreciate it, I would do it myself but I’m to lazy to start businesses. I loved my slow cooker, though the design needed some improvement upon.

        I like you and I wish you the very best.

        1. *Underneath their denial about being fat they are angry about this as it always shots them in their feet in every area of their life every day.* Not that it isn’t good to accept the way you are but its even better to do it with a healthy body than a sick body!

    2. Boxes are good for people. They seem to prefer boxes.
      I never claimed that I liked boxes. They are not good for me.
      Anyway, tradition is a useful and permanent thing.
      What was, remains, whether it is referred to, or not; valued, or not.
      Not in the sense of a box, but of a reference.

      1. Furthermore:
        I actually don’t subscribe to any set of politics.
        I am conservative as a way of life. It is my nature.
        Politics be damned.

        I don’t organize myself around other people, or for other people.
        I really don’t care much for people, generally, although I can care deeply for individuals, here and there, now and then.

        I do care, and very much, for the phenomenon of life.

        1. Maybe there are different kinds of boxes. I’ve given my general reasoning though. 15 000 years ago, 2000 years ago, 150 years ago > today.

  9. “Globalism spreads like a hip fad trend.”
    As long as there have been individuals who work hard and spread prosperity globalism has happened. People are naturally adventurous, unless constrained. They always breached out.
    It is no fad trend. How ridiculous. You’d be african or arabian otherwise, we were born there, supposedly.

    If you dislike globalism, if you do not support it you must become a lazy man. You couldn’t support working hard. You’d have to be someone who’s happy with his lot in life, who never asked for anything at all. If ameriKa has anything to do with ameriCa, it is most certainly pro-globalism. The unification of states.

    As far as I know there has been no wars within america since it was founded. Struggles between groups, yes, but it has somewhat worked. A nat turner or two – as a result of ‘unequality’. Making it all work is your challenge, function and responsibility as american. You do support work, and working hard, I recall.

    I support independence. I support the very essence of America. The integration of nations is necessary and works along independence. There is no reason independence cannot work with conservatism. They are fundamentally similar, as far as I can tell. Free men make more money, they build things of their own.

    What if it was equality that brought the world stability? What if?
    Americans have big ego in being a superpower. Truth is america has made lots of wars and destruction since ww2. I read some headline just yesterday that Iraq veterans are on some suicide streak in america. Obviously no one likes to be a killer. The military never managed to bring any kind of stability to anything. It is another example of male thinking. It’s place is only as an emergency function. America has been destructive, when it was supposed to be a nation that stands for the very opposite. Look where spending money on wars have gotten you.

    Respect for people work better than fear of some superpower. That is bound to spread fear about. People living their lives very rarely think about america at all.

    1. “As far as I know there has been no wars within america since it was founded. Struggles between groups, yes, but it has somewhat worked.

      Well, think about that one again. The US civil war divided us in ways that still matter, still echo. Does each state deserve to function in its own lights, or is each state supposed to do what the federal government dictates, or can we strike a balance? It’s always wobbling in the wrong direction.

      I love this discussion because everybody is trying to work things out based on Truth.

      1. I am sad to say I don’t have any answer =(. I did, however, give my final answer to it in the newest post.

        I further believe we should not be scared that we have no answer for these questions. Thinking seem to work this way – we’re always scared that we don’t know, thus we cannot leave tradition. We perpetually think about it but no eternal answer is found. I’m not sure what place structure ‘should’ have in governing, I believe it has to be as small as possible. Every invention which works well(?) is based on nature, and nature is more giving. It can be understood logically. When you open your eyes and look light streams into you. The universe is giving, it always provide. Male take advantage of it to produce as much richness as possible. It goes against the stream, against nature, in a way.

        It wasnt very well phrased that “it somewhat worked”.
        I believe that finding the essence to something and where application work as well as where it does not is very helpful. And integrate differences to make better. Balancing brain-halves kind of thing. Variety is necessary. People have to actualize their various potential and spend less time with politics.

        Americans have to make it work or they cannot be americans, they’d have to have a name-change. If america cannot make it work, neither can the world make it work. That’s the death of us.

        Having followed this site for some time now I’ve found that its typically male business people who are conservative. Some of them are afraid to leave tradition behind and take a step out of it. It is safe and comfortable. But it really isn’t, as far as I can tell. Things could be so much better!
        I used to be traditional, a bit shy to try things, but it has somewhat changed. I support tradition if it improves the quality of living, I don’t support it when it leads towards the destruction of earth and human-kind. We have to separate which is which, that is ‘mens’ part in things. But they must be informed first, thus variety is necessary, women are necessary.

        Socialism, communism is more feminin. It gives to people. Because it is feminin, it may ultimately have no place in a ‘societal structure.’

  10. the Middle East shows signs of greater decline than we have in the West.

    And specifically? What parts of the decline weren’t brought there by globalism?

    Smashing unstable regimes who are seeking nuclear weapons is probably a good thing.

    The whole Iran story seems too stagey. I won’t be surprised if it turns out that Iranian businesses have some peculiar relations with foreign ones, like the one of IG Farben and Standard Oil in the good old days.

    1. The whole part where the entire Arab world has published less scientific literature since 1600 than Spain publishes in a typical year.

    1. I have no idea =). Blissfully ignorant, I avoid this troublesome conversation.
      I believe life expectancy is high. Growing old, that is.
      Drinking is high, also. Like the russians. Finland must be worst, perhaps they are the must suicidal.

  11. Yes. We once again have The Lexus v. The Olive Tree. (To quote the title of the last intelligent book T. Friedman ever wrote.) I can see the point to some of the hatred. I feel it myself. My faith is certainly mocked, my values and choices in life derided by douche-nozzles who know less about who I am and where I come from than you could jam in your average 140-character Twitter broadside. It is perhaps this reason that the Modern World will end about like it’s caricature in Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged.” The Olive Tree has roots and most of us just can’t afford the monthly bills to keep a Lexus.

  12. “”Smashing unstable regimes who are seeking nuclear weapons is probably a good thing.

    Brett just cant resist defending his Tribe, can he?

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