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Dominance By Special Interest Groups

A man protesting corporate involvement in “social justice,” or the expanded Leftist civil rights crusade that it uses to advance class warfare, mentioned the horror of special interest groups:

“CEO’s need to respect Australia is a democracy where backdoor attempts to subvert the clear wishes of the overwhelming majority will cost companies bottom lines,” Mr Overheu wrote.

…“The individual has become overridden in our society by major special interest groups,” he said.

“Why did Trump get elected? Why did Brexit go through?”

Democracy is a political extension of egalitarianism, or the idea that people should be treated alike independent of the outcome of their actions. This naturally leads to special interest groups because, without a standard to hold people to, they act for personal interest at the expensive of civilizational interest, offloading the expense of their actions to the group through socialized cost.

When individuals take society for granted and assume it will not change, as democracy leads them to think, they band together into small groups that focus on single issues because this is the only way to make change in democracy. Unfortunately as a side effect this creates a tug-of-war for political attention, which allows politicians to focus on peripheral issues and ignore the core.

As special interest groups have become prominent in the West, we have seen the core rot from within because it was abandoned as every divergent voice demanded its fifteen minutes of fame. This has produced an absolute maze of laws with no real theory to unite them, and in doing so, has torn out the commonality of reason between our laws.

The solution to special interest groups is a strengthening of national purpose, or a general goal for civilization beyond the individual and some set of principles designed to get there. The needs of individuals and groups can then be addressed as aspects of that purpose, preventing the tearing apart of the civilization.

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