Diversity Advocates Reveal Their Actual Goal: Remove Whites

The American Mathematical Society decided to publish this rant which reveals the intent behind diversity programs of removing the white majority entirely from power:

I have this talk that I give and afterwards, I will often get concerned white men asking me what they can do to fight sexism. But they’re not really thinking about ending sexism. They’re thinking about progress. They want to know which benefits the cis male hoarders-of-power can offer to women so that we don’t feel so bad and complain so much and contribute to such dismal numbers. This is natural, reasonable even, but sexist all the same.

…What can universities do? Well, that’s easier. Stop hiring white cis men (except as needed to get/retain people who are not white cis men) until the problem goes away. If you think this is a bad or un-serious idea, your sexism/racism/transphobia is showing.

…If you are on a hiring committee, and you are looking at applicants and you see a stellar white male applicant, think long and hard about whether your department needs another white man. You are not hiring a researching robot who will output papers from a dark closet. You are hiring an educator, a role model, a spokesperson, an advisor, a committee person. When you hire a non-marginalized person, you are not just supporting this one applicant whom you like, you are rewarding a person who has been rewarded his whole life. You are justifying the system that makes his application look so good. You are not innocent. You are perpetuating a system that requires your participation if not your consent. When your female students of color have no role models in your department, that’s not “meritocracy”; that’s on you. Again, if you think the “great mathematicians” are disproportionately male because of meritocracy, then your sexism is showing.

Diversity and feminism are subsets of egalitarianism; if all people are equal, we cannot admit that some are unequal because of race or sex. For this reason, the inequality of results must be fixed by filtering out the whites, which is what affirmative action was designed to do. No matter how often diversity is represented as the following:

They want to know which benefits the cis male hoarders-of-power can offer to women so that we don’t feel so bad and complain so much and contribute to such dismal numbers.

The actual agenda is:

Stop hiring white cis men (except as needed to get/retain people who are not white cis men) until the problem goes away.

Since the problem with never go away because individuals and groups are inherently diverse, or varied in ability most of which is inherited, then this becomes a permanent crusade against white people, much as affirmative action has.

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20 Responses to “Diversity Advocates Reveal Their Actual Goal: Remove Whites”

  1. Ironsides says:

    They’re really asking for it, aren’t they? Begging on bended knee.

    “A man often meets his fate on the road he takes to avoid it.”

  2. Dan Kurt says:

    Here is a Princeton Ph.D. dissertation (2016) by a woman math whiz. It rivals Obama’s wife’s Princeton senior thesis.

    Red it here: http://www.theliberatedmathematician.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/PiperThesisPostPrint.pdf

    Dan Kurt

  3. Paul Warkin says:

    The previous post on the blog has the same gangrenous quality of using strained rhetoric to try to jam politics into a field in which it’s out of place.

    There is this idea that “softer” subjects like literature or sociology are more susceptible to leftist infiltration and rot than “hard” subjects like physics and math, because of the larger emphasis on and grounding in clear, solid logic of the latter. The blog of the American Mathematical Society shows that nothing is safe–leftists are able to twist and destroy anything. This is yet another example of Conquests’s second law:

    Any organization not explicitly and constitutionally right-wing will sooner or later become left-wing.

    This comment gives us a hint at why this stuff is appealing:

    This blog post has, unsurprisingly, received some backlash. If it makes you uncomfortable, I totally get that. It makes me uncomfortable, too. But here’s the important part: it’s SUPPOSED to make you uncomfortable. That’s kind of the point. So please, sit with your discomfort for a good while before you respond.

    Masochism. Probably the same mental aberrations that cause people to enjoy being tied up and whipped are present here.

    It’s self-hate as a virtue. In-group abasement for individual social ascendance.

    Whatever the cause, the solution is clear: physical removal.

  4. Issac says:

    Whites do not posses the ability to mount tribal defense. This is simply an evolutionary process playing out in an upsetting short-term display of self-abasement.

    • Antiwork Disciple says:

      Understand the author of that post and her team is anything but white. They’re multicultural southern american bullshit people.

      Shes venezuelan; I think there was an article here recently on the failure that is Venezuela, or maybe it was Return of Kings.

      You can’t expect reason and logic from a south american hippie woman especially when she’s a mathematician. It’s a scam (like most things coming from the third world). She wants herself and you to think she’s logical when the blog makes it clear she’s anything but. That is the only reason why she become a mathematician. Destroying logic from within. For that is the spiritual aim of the hater of reality and the product of a society that repels reality, like the southern american one. People from there do one thing well: lying and defrauding.

  5. Asian Reactionary says:

    Equality is the original virtue. Therefore, work from that perspective downward to everything else. If 2 is not equal to 5, then this is proof of the inequality of mathematics.

  6. Antiwork Disciple says:

    Just a bunch of loonies.

    What’s sad about modern people is their ignorance in the workings of the human mind and incapacity to spot madness where there is just madness.

    That blog post is just the rant of a mad woman, to be just laughed at and ignored.

    The problem is seeing it as anything than that. For it is just that. Insanity. The insanity of a venezuelan stupid woman who isn’t worth shit as a matter of fact, has no concept of justice and fairness, and is just another mad woman like many others. Nothing new.

    Men should never forget women are essentially insane, certainly today most are. They must never be listened and that is the main reason Hillary couldn’t be the president. She’s a woman, and an insane one. Not fit for president. Trump light years more fit. There is no equality of value between men and women. Women are immensely superiorly irrational and solipsistic by nature and in virtue of that, THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND IT unless they’re some exceptional case of sanity and humility you don’t see a lot of today.

    Women should be insulted and put down anytime they think they know shit. I think this is the only thing arabs do better than whites. On paper.

  7. Rhino says:

    This is just a shot in the dark, but I bet this person has zero mathematical accomplishment.

    • Antiwork Disciple says:

      She might be able to do more complex calculations, but she certainly – check out the comment section there – can’t do 2 plus 2, which is all the maths that is needed in most cases. Also being able to do the more complex stuff while forgetting the basics, is a failure. That is the problem of people who think simplicity is something to be ashamed of and out to prove their “intelligence”, which is what academic liberals are about.

      There’s nothing to be proven, except that we know that 2 plus 2 makes 3. Sorry, I mean 4.

      The two main human categories now are those who live in the obvious and those who deny the obvious (feminists for example). Rational vs irrational people.

      It is not more complex than that. The truths that matter are simple, and simplicity is the end result of complexity. Mediocre people fail at understanding that and make the simple complex. All because they are “bored” by the obvious and by the simple. Therefore by reality as well. Because they’re not that smart and don’t understand simplicity is way more complex and a higher accomplishment than what they call complex. Which are nothing but lies.

      these modern idiots think the artificial is better, more beautiful and interesting than the natural. They can believe humans are boring and transhumanism is the way. Its a fucking illness, modern society and technocracy make people ill and incredibly more stupid than ever before. Cavemen were not capable of the stupidity and madness of some modern people.

      That modern people are superior and evolved is a laughable delusion.

  8. guest says:

    diversity = chasing down the last White person

  9. Forrest Fiehr says:

    I love this article. Spread it far and wide. We may be masters of propaganda, but we’ve got nothing on the kind of self-incrimination that the Left engages in. It’s almost as if they’re self-loathing and suicidal and love losing!

    …Wait a minute…

  10. Ronnie Waters says:

    A wave of nausea came over me as I was reading what the “educator” said. As I pondered those words, I thought of something. Maybe my cyclical understanding of history has a new wrinkle. The white race could be going into a cultural and spiritual ice age much like the Middle Ages. Of course it culminated in the bubonic plague killed half the white Westerners, but a century and a half later they conquered the world. If it’s true, we need to separate from modernity and preserve/hide our relics and ride the tiger, until saner times. It could be hundreds of years until the Reconquista.

  11. avraham rosenblum says:

    Even if I was aware of it, it still is a shock to see it in print.

  12. Kvädare says:

    If we assume that all populations are identical, and that both sexes are identical, then the only explanation for uneven representation must be discrimination.

    If this assumption was all that there was to it, then these people would merely be misguided and ignorant, but well meaning.

    However, they do not raise an eyebrow at the under representation of women in dangerous jobs and work related deaths. They only complain about fewer women being engineers and the like.

    This proves that they are scum, and deserve no sympathy.

    • Kvädare says:

      All right, calling them scum may be too harsh. That title is reserved for worse.

      • Kvädare says:

        On the other hand, as egalitarians, they can not admit that the reason men occupy dangerous and shitty jobs is because of their innate nature.
        Thus it must be due to discrimination.
        And which form of discrimination do they complain about?

        Not the one that gets people killed, but the one that makes some people earn less money.
        That is quite scummy indeed.

        • Antiwork Disciple says:

          So, first you said “scum” is too harsh a word, then you changed your mind. Good.

          I don’t see the problem with being too harsh anyway. It causes no issues. Being too soft does. Too harsh is better than too soft, always. So drop the fear to be too harsh.

          Also things are ALWAYS WORSE than we think, it’s a law of others, of people.

          Somebody who asks white people to give up their job because they’re white is not scum, and not insane? No, she is.

        • Antiwork Disciple says:

          Oh wait, the original comment calling them “scum” is yours too, couldn’t imagine. Stop arguing with yourself!

          I wish you to stop arguing with yourself and stop being afraid to be too harsh with others. You have to think about your own interest alone, simple. Did mum teach you too be nice? If then drop that teaching. NICE GOES NOWHERE, and this is no time or place to be nice.

          You don’t have to be nice to the enemy and there’s nothing too harsh against it. Practice embracing excess harshness. Moderation in war is silly. Sadism is required by nature and life. The problem of humans and us whites is being too nice. Drop the nice and be harsh and over the top as much as you like. What the hell.

          • Sadism, or just realism, which is seen as sadistic by humans. Critters gotta eat. Empires gotta… dominate. Everything is fighting to survive, suppress others, reproduce itself and expand to cover the earth.

  13. Chris I says:

    People like this would rewrite the rules of math and the laws of nature to force their agenda. Anything to lower standards to include Darwin’s rejects.

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