As downfall approaches, tragedies become more commonplace

children_trapped_in_a_dying_ageI’m told there was another lugubrious school shooting. I refuse to read about it, because there’s nothing I can do except make myself miserable.

Even more, I’m ignoring the political blather. Gun control couldn’t have stopped this, because if we can’t stop marijuana from invading the country in giant bales, making guns illegal will ensure that any kid can buy one for $60 in the hallway of his high school.

Instead, I’d like to make a point here: the people who do these things have made bad moral choices, but they’re crests of the wave which is the ongoing degradation of our values, morals and conscience in this society.

In order to tolerate everyone equally, we threw away the idea of reality itself and replaced it with pluralism, or, “whatever you want to think is good, we’ll endorse as good because it supports freedom,” which as you know is what terrorists, Nazis, kings, and those who smoke menthylated cigarettes hate.

Let us explore why school shootings happen:

1. I am talking and no one is listening.

It is easier (always) to go into denial. That lets you keep doing what you wanted to do, instead of forcing you to wake up and pay attention. This applies to personal problems as well, or even tasks we’d rather procrastinate (yes, I’m thinking of my own lawn mowing denialism here).

Not everyone who claims the end of the world is near is right. In fact, most are wrong. What matters is that any of them can be right, and so we have to compare that assertion to what we know. Who among us actually feels like the West (EU, UK, US) is headed in a positive direction?

We know that’s not the case because we’ve seen the degeneration, but even more, we daily see the total lack of purpose. There is no goal here. We’re all materialistic, but that’s not the cause. We’re materialistic because we want money to buy our way out of dystopia that results from purposelessness.

It’s easy enough for adults to do that. The choice is upon them. For kids, it’s a horrible thought: the future just gets worse and you get forced into a meaningless world that does exactly what all the literature you’ve read in school says not to do, which is living for convenience and wealth at the expense of the soul.

Kids are under more stress than an adult ever could be. Imagine your parents pushing you slowly into a wood chipper. That’s what it feels like, and the more they get to know adults, see what denial they’re in, read the news, etc. the more kids just want to die.

Might as well take a few out with you while you go.

2. Society is incompetent and we’re cruising on the past.

It doesn’t take a sensitive nose to realize that this society is decaying from within. In addition to the aforementioned lack of goal, there’s an ongoing process of losing cultural memory, losing competence in social institutions, and losing standards of behavior.

People can’t even socialize, drive, communicate or be considerate. They are so fixated on their own desires that they have shut out the world. Most of them are oblivious and/or stupid and take great joy in obstructing others. This means that our society systematically discriminates against the intelligent, who might want to shut such people out.

When I go to the grocery store, every single process takes longer because people have nothing in common. They treat each other as impediments to their own good time, and take revenge by being deliberately slow, obtuse, incompetent, etc. It only gets worse when you give them power at a job, a car, a computer or a phone.

Even more, almost nothing works. We are told the opposite is true, but go ahead and try to get something important done in a hurry. Most machines are semi-functional if not non-functional at any given time. Traffic jams clog the city at random. Often whole fields are inaccessible for bureaucracy or dysfunctional reasons.

3. People will pay to make these unsettling truths go away.

The simplest example of this is people rushing to the store to buy a book about a mythical reality in which everything is simple and clear.

You think this is about religion? I’m talking about Twilight, or any of 11 billion self-help books, or all the “academic” books that good middle class intellectuals read to convince them that our problem in society is foot odor, not collapse from within because we have nothing in common.

Any time a problem is mentioned honestly, the ostrich crowd comes out to sell us sand beds for comfortable head resting.

To a child, this says that problems exist, they’re so huge that no one can deal with them, and adults are using their freedom to ensure they never have to deal with them. The name of the game is to die before the results of these lies come crashing down.

In fact, modern people behave like other people are a form of hatred to them. There’s what I want to do, and then everyone else, who’s in the way. The best revenge? Destroy society, but in a passive-aggressive way like saying I’m “doing it for the children,” so I get a nice life and everyone else gets the shaft.

That’s basically the mentality of the Baby Boomer generation right there.

School shootings happen because people are deranged, make morally bad choices, and probably should have been shot dead by their own families, but only sometimes. Sometimes it’s desperate kids. Something the shooter is only the vehicle of the desperation, like an inverse scapegoat who picks up on the misery of it all and is too broken not to act.

Among the school shooters in the past have been many intelligent, sensitive kids who had a lot to offer.

Society is failing, we’re refusing to face it, which just grinds us more into the stress of denial, and means the tragedies will come more frequently from here until the end.


  1. Borgia says:

    You deride those that do only what makes them happy, that will believe whatever they want, vote only for someone whose empty promises sound the most romantic, but you refuse to review the details of a massacre because it would only upset you? What good does that do, beyond protecting your opinion of humanity from being damaged any more than it already is?

    If you’re going to mention a specific shooting as a starting point for your article about human nature, society, religion and stupidity, wouldn’t it be best to have an actual understanding about what exactly it entailed? I suppose it just seems intellectually lazy to me – something I wouldn’t have expected from you. Willful ignorance.

    1. There’s no need. The problem is clear. Society. Society is to blame for these rampage shootings.

    2. crow says:

      He is not you.
      There is no reason at all for him, or anyone, to do as you might do.

  2. Jason says:

    I try so hard to help those around me, partially because of this blog, Brett.

    For every unspeakable evil, there have been millions of unsung good deeds!

    These events only strengthen my resolve to do what I can to add more good into the world.

    1. Joseph says:

      Confrontation with darkness helps bring power to the light, as long as we don’t let it drag us down.

      Let us hail the good deeds, no matter how small.

      “To hold our tongues when everyone is gossiping, to smile without hostility at people and institutions, to compensate for the shortage of love in the world with more love in small, private matters; to be more faithful in our work, to show greater patience, to forgo the cheap revenge obtainable from mockery and criticism: all these are things we can do.”

      – Herman Hesse

  3. man says:

    “Not everyone who claims the end of the world is near is right. In fact, most are wrong. What matters is that any of them can be right, and so we have to compare that assertion to what we know. Who among us actually feels like the West (EU, UK, US) is headed in a positive direction?

    We know that’s not the case because we’ve seen the degeneration, but even more, we daily see the total lack of purpose. There is no goal here. We’re all materialistic, but that’s not the cause. We’re materialistic because we want money to buy our way out of dystopia that results from purposelessness.”

    i read your blog first time today and understand what you are saying.I won’t go in detailed discussion of morals,religion and not really qualified to say much about it.But yes,you are correct.The problem is much bigger and have been troubling western civilizations from last 2000 years.

  4. Jacob says:

    Modern liberals offer only two regulations for moral behavior: material punishment and social influence. If a kid has accepted the leftist premise and rejected transcendent morals (“because it doesn’t exist”) and natural morality (“because its bad/we’re all equal”) and has no fear of social morality or material punishment, society has no discouragement for extremely terrible actions. In fact, the media spotlight somewhat encourages extreme acts, because media-time is an indicator of success while also giving the most coverage to sensationalist stories.

    I am saying that when we both rejected God, to achieve freedom, and rejected natural pagan morality, because it is politically incorrect, we painted ourselves into a corner. Most people will just operate hedonistically, selfishly, and passive-aggressively, but occasionally there will be an individual who acts terribly – something which modern liberalism *does not fundamentally reject* – the liberal solutions are all external bureaucratic regulations that have nothing to do with fixing any root problems. To *actually fix the problem* and address broken moral states would be a conservative solution, something our society implicitly rejected a long time ago.

  5. Jim Necroslaughter says:

    Most people will analyze the shooting by trying to “figure it out.”
    I offer you something different. I analyze by analogon.
    Most people will say “ban guns.”
    I say: ban school!
    Most people will say “if he did not have a gun, they would not have been killed.”
    I say: if they had not been at school, they would not have been killed. You cannot deny that this is not true!
    Only living people think death is a problem!
    Death is a symbolic stake more than anything else. Death doesn’t actually “happen!”

    A wise and humorous man once said: ‘The sooner you die the longer you’re dead.’

    I can not tell you how brilliant this man is!
    If more is better, and faster is better, than it only makes sense that, as far as death is concerned, it is better to die sooner!
    The faster you die, the better!
    If only it were possible to be more dead than dead!
    If only we could die over and over and over!

    1. crow says:

      The sooner you realize you are alive, the more life you will have.
      Plenty of time for being dead.

      1. Jason says:

        I come to this site for the Brett Stevens,
        I stay for the crow!

  6. David Hamilton says:

    Guns don’t shoot themselves. What is the cause? The orthodox elites can not answer the question because they dare not ask it. They are not Americans doing this are they as Patrick J. Buchanan exposed that several similar incidents go? These incidents happen so frequently there that you have a deeper problem- these are just symptoms. I think its the destruction of fellow-feeling caused by multi-racialism. When people have no common values or anywhere to belong they become destructive.

  7. Dark Underside says:

    King Priam: “I have done what no other man has ever done, I have kissed the hands of the man who killed my son. I loved my son from the moment he first opened his eyes, until you closed them. Niw give him back to me so I can give him the proper burial, say the prayers, place two coins in eyes for the ferryman.”
    Achilles: “He killed my cousin”
    King Priam: ” How many cousins have you killed?, how many fathers, sons, husbands, Oh might Achilles?

  8. Dark Underside says:

    How many Afghani wedding parties have been disrupted by drone attacks? That’s clean killing isn’t it, like Mr. Clean mopping up operations. Hope the Afghani children were led by the village chieftain with their eyes closed so they couldn’t see the dismembered bodies. What Hypocricy

  9. Craig says:

    ” the West (EU, UK, US)” God damnit people! Canada fucking exists too!!

  10. 1349 says:

    Doesn’t Obama need to disarm the nation? Guns are quite a threat for the socialist paradise.

    because if we can’t stop marijuana from invading the country in giant bales

    Are you sure you can’t? Maybe they actually don’t want to?

  11. Colleen says:

    Terrible things have been happening every day for all of human history.

    People want a magic solution. We can pass all the laws we want, but at the end of the day people who want to commit crimes will find a way to do it, and meanwhile we law-abiding folks will be stuck with so many new laws to follow that we will be deprived of our agency.

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