“The internet is a brain disease” video

One of the many people who help us periodically has created this video based on a previous text by Vijay Prozak. The video, which features immersive video imagery and ambient soundworks, explores highlights of the text in a visual context.

2 Responses to ““The internet is a brain disease” video”

  1. gangesswimmer says:

    “lack of ability to do anything outside of self-image”

    This makes me appreciate my parents quite a bit despite their apparent “boring-ness”. They don’t constantly take pictures of themselves or their dog, or the coffee maker, or the new socks they purchased, or really anything. They don’t send this shit to their friends or people they barely know, let alone the entire world. They just don’t care about that stuff, whereas I have had to force myself off of information networks that trashed my mind as a teenager.

  2. crow says:

    I almost never follow up on video links, and why I did this time remains a mystery. Probably it was the comment above, that is to blame.
    Thanks, gangesswimmer.

    That’s potent stuff, and a whole new thing for Amerika.
    Five stars.

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