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How free markets fix problems

About a year ago, the piracy situation was dire. People were downloading copies of the latest Hollywood movies, free of charge, before they were in theatres. The movie industry responded with a series of direct actions: it attempted to punish the wrongdoers in the courts; it tightened security around its product; it lobbied for harsher […]


In stable countries, eugenics is the tool which can be used to change the general traits and abilities of the general population. It does this by selecting desirable individuals to become a majority rather than a minority. It’s a fact that some people will always be better than others, in varying qualities, and if we […]

Rethinking individualism

Say you walk into a building at which you’re employed. You feel businesslike – coat, computer bag over shoulder, maybe a cup of coffee or tea in hand. Others look similar and climb into the elevator with you. Buttons are pressed. Your eyes venture, but never into other eyes. Stainless steel walls in this contraption […]

A curveball in the recycling debate

In many towns, recycling is not only encouraged, it’s enforced. Some communities use a limited “toter” system where one has to pay more for additional bags if the toter is filled up each week. The flip side is, things like plastic bottles, metal cans, glass jars, and just about any paper product including junk mail […]

Ignoring the patterns of nature

Modern life takes effort. Just getting through to the end of the day — fighting egos and layers of management at work, then ignoring family drama, then a few hours of TV before bed — can take all you’ve got. But the last thing you need is some idiot telling you that “life is precious,” […]

Save KTRU (91.7 FM)

Rice University plans to sell its radio station KTRU (91.7 FM). This would remove a rare source of local, independent, non-corporate radio programming. Secret negotiations excluded input from Rice students and alumni. KTRU, which was created independently of the university by students with alumni funding, was never funded by Rice and is only “owned” by […]

The Death of Social Constructs

There are many arguments that like to point out that religion, tradition and cultures are all social constructs and therefore we should not believe in them, anyone who does is immediately a moron. This is a piss poor argument which we are frequently confronting, many fool for this. It’s like pointing toward something saying ‘that’s a rock’ and […]

Facebook = Racist

The group was not hateful (vague), did not threaten anyone, was not obscene, and attacked no individuals or groups. It was for the positive advocacy of Black Nationalism, African-American independence, African secession and autonomous self-rule for African-Americans and Africans. It’s not just white people that Facebook discriminates against. If you stand up for nationalism, or […]

The entropy of Reddit

You’ll never find as good a metaphor for the modern time as social news aggregators (SNAs) like Digg, Reddit and Fark. On these, news items are posted, and users vote on them — with the pretend-I’m-a-Roman-Emperor thumb up or down — and the most popular ones rise to the top of the homepage. When first […]

Artificial life attacks!

Today it has just been announced that artificial life has been created and has been reproduced more than a billion times, sparking moral controversy: Scientists have created artificial life. In a world-first, Craig Venter, a maverick biologist and billionaire entrepreneur, has made a designer microbe from scratch. The creation of the new life form, nicknamed […]

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