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Yet another thread, on yet another forum, eliciting yet another comment, containing yet another cheap-shot. I felt like replying: “How does it feel to be on the losing side, in a war that doesn’t even exist?” But I didn’t. Instead, I do what I always do, with anything anybody writes. I considered it… This ability […]

Cities destroy romance

If there is an ideal for our egalitarian time, it is the city. Move there, do your duty to society by working a job, and everything else is all yours. No one cares how you spend your time or money; you’re anonymous. There are no traditions, culture, values or folkways to hold you back. Just […]

The alpha-beta distinction needs to die

Before the internet, there was suburban lore. It produced stunning stories that seemed plausible and served in a certain way as metaphors for what we wanted to believe. For example, it was once “certain” that Richard Gere had done something unmentionable involving a gerbil or hamster. It turns out to be not true, but back […]

Inner war

Whether we like it or not, we Westerners are all infected with degenerate thoughts, habits and morals. This goes especially for the youth. If you are under 30, you will almost certainly have been contaminated during your upbringing (unless you were raised in the forest by wild animals). You have been bombarded by stupefying entertainment-culture […]

The empire of death

Since I was a very young child, I have known that my life would be cast out into the empire of death. I did not know this intuitively; intuitively I knew only a certain fascination with life, and a belief that it was all for the best somehow. As I grew older, I was most […]

The selfish herd theory

Someone mentioned this in the comments, so I feel it should be preserved and discussed here as part of our ongoing mission to figure out what’s gone wrong with modern society and how to fix it. The selfish herd theory is a self-preservation response by individuals that uses the anonymity of the group to minimize […]

It’s follow-the-leader all the way down

When children are very young, their nannies and teachers induce them to play a game called “follow the leader.” The whole point is to trail around behind someone who is designated the leader. It becomes a brutally exact metaphor when we see how much of our society operates on this principle. The left will speak […]

The isolation of comfort

Once upon a time, many years ago, one of our ancestors perched on a rock face above a verdant valley. He found his thoughts revolving around a simple question. As someone of healthy natural instinct, he loved life, but found it blighted by things like death, disease, and discomfort. How to fix those? Several thousand […]

Old man grumblings

Old men grumble in the frosty morning. Their fingers are stiff, their jaws set. They fumble with the difficult objects of everyday life. Part of what makes them grumble is that, having a lifetime of experience to know the difference between mediocre and adequate, they realize the world quickly separates itself into incompetents and competents. […]

The path of isolation

Our understanding of most things is primitive at first, then refined. Our understanding of natural selection is probably primitive. In the current model, which might be called the “sieve” model, mutations occur randomly and then those organisms which survive pass on the mutations they have to the population at large. In the future, we will […]

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