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Prole-Run America (PRA)

When we go looking for solutions, we must sure we have correctly identified the cause of the problem we want to fix. Although that sounds obvious, most people confuse a problem for its cause. Every problem that appears such that we recognize it has a cause and until we find that cause, we are treating […]

Israel fights to survive

You can take a nation and subject it to constant warfare, deprivation and even inconceivably apocalyptic threats. It will survive. But the minute it stops believing in its own legitimacy, it dies. In Israel today we are seeing an old conflict, even an ancient one, playing out: is the government created for its own purposes, […]

American foreign policy fails in the mideast

American wars since WWII have followed this pattern: find an enemy who competes with our superpower status, then discover some “reason” (justification) for declaring war on them, and then conquest following by a police action against a guerrilla army. This was the pattern in Viet Nam and Korea, and now Iraq and Afghanistan follow it. […]

Chain Reaction

For thousands of years the world was big.  A man’s only concern was his family, his community, and his nation.  Even at the national level, news took days to arrive.  It took a full day for Pheidippides to run from Athens to Sparta in order to inform the Spartans that Persian forces were invading.  Even […]

The Rainbow Death

“Long, long ago, it is said, there was a mighty civilization, where we now sit. Beneath our feet, throughout this forest, lay an endless glory of buildings, the likes of which we have never seen. It was a place of miracles, where a man might live past eighty years, enjoying riches beyond imagining. There was […]

Backlash against globalism

In a previous post, our two options for future civilization were revealed: Managerial. Like attending a job, days at an American high school or going to a mall, the managerial state consists of people who have nothing in common except wanting to make money and not get murdered. As a result, a strong nanny/police state […]

Globalism loves diversity

As mentioned in a previous post, globalism is an extension of liberalism, and since 1789 it has been re-making the world in its own image. Globalism is a method by which individuals unite into a crowd to demand no oversight, no social hierarchy, no shared values and no requirements for interacting with civilization except the […]

Globalism is liberalism

When you live in a dying time, you are told many things about history. You are told to rely upon those ideas as truths. Only later do you learn they were propaganda, constructed to manipulate you toward thinking in a political way. Conservatives tried to keep our time from becoming a dying one. Tooth and […]

Anatomy of a parasite

As you read this article, try not to react until you have finished reading it, gotten a cup of tea and sat down with a cookie to nibble, and then thought it through in a systematic and logical factor. You are subject to the most powerful media machine ever created, and its support from the […]

The little guy, tyrant

Our society is essentially divided between two narratives. In one, the little guy is oppressed by big institutions. In the other, the little guy and his failings are why we need institutions. The former view, shared by anyone on the leftist spectrum from anarchist through moderate Democrat all the way to die-hard Communist, sees the […]

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