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Equality is a Muslim God

Equality is not a god that accepts and ministers to failure, like Christ, nor a god that prefers moderation, like Siddartha’s dharma. Nor is it a god satisfied by material offerings, like the ancient spirits of the world. Equality is a god that demands perfection, punishes weakness, and calls for the destruction of unbelievers. It […]

Liberalism = Globalism

Liberalism is the core of a snowball. Its one concept is that the individual is equal, therefore can do whatever they want independent of shared cultural values or reality itself. As a result, liberalism takes on any value that is compatible with a rejection of allegiance larger than the self. It can for example embrace […]

The end of liberalism

Humankind can act quickly based on its own notions, but then we wait for nature and its natural laws to shape the end result. Even when we control the material means of our future, consequences are governed by the non-material interaction of forces, like information or mathematics. Starting with The Enlightenment, European society went liberal […]

Out of touch

When we go through life, we feel a schizophrenic disconnect between what we think we’re doing and the results we see in reality. Think about the political programs you read about in the news. Almost none of them achieve their desired effect; some do, “on paper,” meaning that they meet some arbitrary targets but don’t […]

Undoing modernity

As mentioned here several times, the founding illusion of modernity occurred in 1789 when people decided that they could do without specialized leaders. Instead, it was declared that we are all equal. This means that we pick leaders from among us by voting. 222 years on, it seems this has not worked out so well. […]


A man may be minding his own business, when, BLAM! He is attacked, for no apparent reason, by what appears, to him, to be a madman. Or woman. “You’re a RACIST!” When he is not. “You’re a BIGOT!” When he is not. “You’re a FASCIST!” When he is not. “You’re a MORON!” When he is […]


The right has withdrawn from climate issues for the most part because the left took them over. The left then used the environment as a justification for the usual leftist agenda, which is suppressing the strong in the name of equality. If you read this blog at all frequently, you know what we hold leftism […]

Wealth and the debt culture

People with wealth are blamed for our problems because many middle class, and certainly most poor, cannot imagine how wealth is accumulated. It’s not about how much Steve Jobs took home in a year, it’s how much wealth he had accumulated via his life’s work – that is to say, Apple and his other investments. […]

Proles versus Elites: the battle rages on!

It is true that egalitarianism has given room to all opinions, which include the delusions of grandeur of those who would have it otherwise. We all imagine ourselves as heralds of Truth and kings in palaces if given the chance. In our lives we wish for a chance to assume a greater role – an […]

Return to beauty

Our society has focused on utilitarian aspects for too long: what the average person wants, how to compromise and get along, what will not offend anyone, what one size might fit all, and what sort of standard allows the average person to succeed. The result is that we have forgotten beauty. Unlike function, beauty does […]

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