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Generational Nurturing

Underneath the issues that we recognize on television are broad ideas that are more familiar to philosophers than politicians. Democracy does not trust the average person with these concepts, and instead encourages him to fight over them in disguise. The issues we think are fundamental are the disguises; the underlying truth are these abstractions that […]

The importance of home

One element of culture often overlooked is the idea of home; specifically, how important roots are when growing from a child into a man or woman. Many in their 20s or early 30s never cared much for the idea of home, mostly due to parents who never gave them a reason to care. Most children, […]

Will to Power as cooperation

Life is mostly about solving problems using common sense; things don’t need to be very complicated as long they work. Most conservatives tend to simply “trust their guts” when evaluating problems; consequently, they focus on this freedom to choose, and they individually assume the consequences — to the conservative mind, each to his place. It is […]

Racism and the sexual revolution

Racism and the sexual revolution The purpose of this article is to give an in-depth elaboration of White-Nationalism by holding it up against the state of affairs brought about by the sexual revolution. Racism, after all, is all about breeding. The article is a bit long – that is because I want to provide the […]

Variations of intelligence

Discussions of intelligence are quite common around these parts.  Such discussions almost always revolve around intelligence in a strict sense, usually pertaining to IQ or other related measures of fluid intelligence.  However, there are other domains of human thought that have been neglected. One such area, which has received some coverage, is morality.  Generally morality […]


In stable countries, eugenics is the tool which can be used to change the general traits and abilities of the general population. It does this by selecting desirable individuals to become a majority rather than a minority. It’s a fact that some people will always be better than others, in varying qualities, and if we […]

Geologic dimensionalism and the origin of evolution

Geology is an interesting subject, it studies the macrocosm of Earth and how its dimensions are the very support that allows biology to exist. In this sense planetary geologists observe higher dimensions to that of biology, of which biology is almost entirely dependent. We call the interaction of geology and biology an ecology. Life as […]


What is the correct foundation of morality? In the billions of years before human existence, where was right and wrong in the darkness of space? And from the dawning of humanity ownwards, where was morality among the cannibalistic ape-like hominids who clung to the earth, warring with each other in small bands? A caveman in […]

A Guide to Cosmic Evolution – Part 3

The third part of a guide to cosmic evolution initiates us on a journey through the local cosmos, we taste the potential of our future and the weird and wonderful exotic repercussions of a mechanized intelligence clawing itself from the hollow shell of a mechanized civilization. The following article is going to be ‘slightly’ hypothetical and mythical, […]

A Guide to Cosmic Evolution – Part 2

Continuing from part one in A Guide To Cosmic Evolution, we may now begin to realize civilization as the rapid phase transition between one cis-natural sort of biosphere and a completely different one as an outcome, a trans-natural mechanosphere. Earth, as it resides at this very moment of typing, is like a cocoon concealing the butterfly within it, evolving beyond its senseless phase, preparing for […]

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