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Global suicide

Our human tendency is to externalize threats, so that we can contain them in a symbol or finite and tangible enemy. This is a denial response to the more complex underlying reality, which is that most threats to us come from our own undisciplined and illogical behavior. We want to blame hierarchy and authority for […]

Global concreting

The foes of sensible environmental policy want you to believe that there is a binary question to conservation. Yes, you believe in global warming; no, you’re a denier — there are no other options. Either you’re good or you’re not. Many people are suspicious of global warming because it’s one of those-easily abused catch-all concepts […]


Oftentimes one hears it whispered that we live in an age of appearance rather than substance. An age of what seems to be, rather than what is. An era when impression weighs heavier than content. Something catches our eye; we glimpse at it for a brief moment. Perhaps we let the thing slide through our […]

The Immune System

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche cannot be described as a traditional philosopher.  He consistently returns to the the theme of health, he refers to himself as a cultural physician, and he famously wrote, “my genius is in my nostrils.” He may be referring to how in everyday life we are predominantly conscious of the divide between true […]

Ritual Sacrifice

In contrast to days-gone-by, modernity lacks both initiation ceremonies and public ritual.  Even prayer before meals is becoming less and less common. Ritual sacrifice, as grisly as it is, was a ubiquitous reality common to all religions and cultures of the world.  It is now a thing of the past.  Today we think of it […]


A new type of political thinker is emerging into the shattered hulk of modernity. While the modern time is powerful in technology and gilded in convenience, the dark inner core is a tendency to consume and deconstruct all things, and these new thinkers target that impulse. They tend to be less concerned with the political […]

Global swarming

The problem with global warming as a theory is twofold: first, the science is not absolute because science is not absolute; second, global warming is a political surrogate for environmental damage as a whole. We have a modern mythic trust in “science,” but science doesn’t exist. People study and get degrees in science, and then […]

How government destroys the environment

Many of us are hoping right now that humanity recognizes its vast and ongoing destruction of its environment and decides to do something about it. Most expect government to be the method. However, the record of governments helping the environment has been a spotty one — with one exception, which we’ll cover later. Generally, government […]

Passive genocide

We are slowly killing off our big animals. Since it is unpopular to mention this, our cowardly leaders will not mention it to avoid upsetting our voters; they, in turn, don’t want to hear about how their mundane acts may lead to vast and evil consequences. After all, we all want the big suburban home, […]

False activism

If you are lucky in politics, your idea is popular but not too popular. If you’re not too popular, you can make the news and fight as an underdog, and after a long time, come into power. By then, you’ve shaped your idea clearly and strongly. If you are too popular, your idea becomes a […]

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