The Breakup of the USA: Could it Happen? Indeed

Whoever wins on Nov. 4, few Americans will harbor any illusions about their national unity. No matter which pairing one chooses — red and blue, Right and Left, coastal elites and flyover salt-of-the-earthers — there is no getting around our status as a country divided, a people set apart from one another as much by […]

Liberalism is a mental disease spread through self-pity

I will explain this quickly because I lead a busy life, generally involving work that creates for my family stability outside of what is promised to us by the government, the good will of my fellow citizens and even the comforts of religion and friendship. Our society is hell. It is a subtle hell, because […]

Anti-majoritarianism reflects self-doubt

You’re going to see a lot more of situations like this. A law or rule is on the books, and it seems unfair to minority groups, so they protest. In response, government gives them money. Mitt Romney notices they’re part of the 47%. The rest of the country wonders, “Uh oh. Can I actually say […]

Sudden touch

Having been a man of the world for over a decade now, I have spent some time observing the sleeping habits of American and European females. Over time, a few notes have been etched in the back of my brain. For example, modern women must maintain the illusion of control at all times, so let […]

Guilt compulsion tyranny

There’s nothing in common between our citizens anymore, and the internet shows it. Almost all references to the internet begin with “So I was arguing with this idiot…” The points of view are literally incompatible. No case in point is more illustrative than a recent exchange on noted internet dropout huddle zone Reddit. One poster […]


When a civilization dies, the culture goes first and what is left is hypocrisy. People become really disgusting, and false and hollow, and they spread that like a disease among themselves. They are manipulative and insincere. And why not? It’s not like they live in a society that works for their benefit. Instead, they’re trying […]

How Obama killed Halloween

Nothing described in this post is Barack Obama’s fault. If a nation of spoiled nincompoops decides to have a tantrum against a necessary war, and then decides you’re a perfect pity object because half of your ancestors came from a place that did not evolve to a state of having written language, physics, mathematics or […]

Modern culture is dreck

We have made one world culture, and it is based on us all getting along. We do that by giving up on events of actual meaning, and concerning ourselves instead with the surface trends. Since that as a life-path is unfulfilling, we are constant searching for “uplifting” stories and memes to make us forget our […]

The new superstitions

We like to think that at some point, we broke away from the past. The past: nasty, brutish, short lives in which ignorance was a constant companion and our only hope was religion, which had us believe we were immortal. In contrast, we like to think, we’re now enlightened and have risen past that primitive […]

The drug war: it’s not about drugs

On this blog we often talk about how people cannot think from cause to effect, but are only able to compare effects and like mute fetuses, wave their tiny little hands and shout while their obese bodies jiggle in outrage. This is why politicians ignore and manipulate you, average citizen: you don’t understand how government […]

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